Are there any ingredients that completely ruin a dish for you?

Sometimes there is way to much lime . I really dislike when the ceviche is drowned in lime . Pucker up .


Raw onions I won’t even touch.

Everything else is a matter of degrees.

Cilantro, cumin and horseradish.

Red peppers in hot food.
Roasted red pepper, period.
Green peppers, in anything.
Caraway, fennel seed
Chilis due to an allergy

Green peppers. Olives. Tilapia/catfish. Fruit.

I completely agree . Though I added a small amount of pickled watermelon , and cantaloupe to my tuna crudo . It added a very slight sweetness . As far as adding big ass pieces raw to a dish , forget it . I could deal with it if you cooked the crap out of them in a braise . Maybe . And when they put that slice of orange on your breakfast plate . It makes me shudder .

green or red bell peppers in almost anything take over the flavor to me. however, i do love roasted red peppers on their own. and i like stuffed bell peppers. if the dish is supposed to be about the pepper, i’m all in. if it’s in there as an aside, it clouds everything else.

I find the soap thing with too much rosemary.

Truffle oil.
And lavender.

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I really hate green peppers, but LOVE red ones. Like orange and yellow just fine. Not a fan of jalapenos, but other hot peppers don’t bother me.


Sorry to be a ray of sunshine in this rainy parade, but I like everything.


I’m well known for my intense dislike of cilantro.

Dill can be overpowering, so I tend not to make or order anything with it in.

I avoid green peppers (they disagree with my belly a LOT) but I use red bell peppers all the time.

And I don’t like overly spicy-hot things where you can’t taste anything but the heat.


I’m a wimp so anything with hot chilis is out for me, i try spicy foods on a regular basis but generally they just make me cry and be miserable.
Keep the mint out of my savory dishes too.
No green bell peppers (love the sweet ones)
No bananas
And i recently discovered that although i like oregano, oil of oregano is a very different story. No.
No sweet pickles or bread and butter ones, dill pickles only. I do love pickled veggies and oshinko

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Sorry to be boring, but I have few aversions. I just want the ingredients to be used in the right way. I do not mind being surprised, but I do not like when the kitchen overplays its hand…


So much food is too sweet, which is a health issue as well as a taste one. It makes us more accustomed to sugar, and using more of it.

All fruit?

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Even being in a restaurant where someone nearby is eating it is highly disagreeable.

I dislike raw oysters; no problem with raw fish or ceviche. I like cilantro, dill, caraway and a modicum of cumin. I’m fond of cumin but too much of it makes dishes bitter.

I will accept a lemon with seafood, a lime in my g&t or a pineapple spear in a mai tai, that’s about it.

This, 1000x this. Even dishes that are supposed to have a hint of sweetness to balance other flavors are generally WAY too sweet in this country.

Aside from that, I agree with Harters - there are a handful of things I don’t care for, but I just don’t order dishes that contain them. I despise beets but I wouldn’t say that beets ruin an otherwise perfect salad - I just don’t order beet salad!


I definitely agree on both accounts and I also just don’t order stuff with ingredients I don’t like. This question was actually prompted by the surprise of an ingredient I didn’t expect. I bought a blue cheese dressing, read the ingredients as is my general habit with everything, ok, all seem fine for my dietary preferences, tasted it…why is there dill in blue cheese dressing? Perhaps that’s a thing elsewhere but I’ve never been served or made a blue cheese dressing with such a strong presence of dill.