Any Oyster Shucker Recommendation?

I do use cutproof chaps. LOL I do not, however, have ankle boot covers. I did not know they existed. Don’t tell my husband about them. He is responsible for us having the safety equipment that we have. The shield is mesh. Maybe all this is necessary for the big gas Sthil we have but it does feel like a bit of overkill for my electric one which feels like a barbie toy in comparison. I ware it to keep husband happy and to avoid any I told you so moments. The helmet does feel necessary due to the forested areas I sometimes cut in. There are lots of widower makers out there.

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Sounds like you’re well-equipped.

If you’re felling or around someone who is, helmets make some sense. But anything of any size hitting you in the head is likely fatal either way.

The boot and ankle guards are popular with timber sports athletes, who can swing axes and saws with more abandon. They remind me of the Tin Man in Wizard of Oz.

I favor the Bugz brand mesh goggles. No fogging up.

The face shield is part of the helmet. I assume to help save you from the chain if you throw it or there is kickback. It is nice using in place of goggles which like you say fog up. Mesh goggles sure would be nice for other things I do in yard where I ware plastic goggles to prevent getting poked in the eye with branches and blackberry vines. Thanks for mentioning them. I did not know such a thing existed. I’ll skip the tin man gear.

I tried a screwdriver, in case I didn’t actually need to buy an oyster knife. I did not have much luck with it.

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The ghost of Richard Nixon had it in for you… :slight_smile:

I have a big old wide bladed one circa 1850s and just insert and twist, then can use the putty knife to wrench it the rest of the way open.

I don’t do oysters very often, though. Maybe once in 2 years.

I have some of the all-in-one helmet, visor and earmuffs, and I can’t say I care for them much. Too many adjustments, and the visor’s always banging ito things when up, which throws everything off. Some have broken easily when they get knocked off or tossed around. Separates for me.

Oops- you seemed so Hawaiian, I thought that was where you were. :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

Are the farmed geoducks in good supply these days? I remember gobbling them down at the only sushi bar in town in the '70s, and by the time sushi had finally arrived in the early '80s, they had been nearly fished out. I read a lot about them being farmed to bring them back and wondered if it was true or somebody was blowing smoke up our collective arses.

I have used many shuckers. Having a house on the water I have been able to collect oysters basically from my front yard. There are oyster farms around me too where I can buy a bag of 100 oysters for a hundred clams. :joy: So I have over the years shucked thousands of oysters. The best I have ever used come from Island Creek.

Strong tip allows me to pop the hinge easily and there is just enough edge on the blade to cut through the abductor muscle without concern of cutting myself. Highly recommended.


I am thinking about that but i want to be more civilized (like the Jedi)

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So many good recommendations

Part of the reason I was unsuccessful was doubtless because it was my first try. It took me a while to get good. I really worked up a sweat trying to open a dozen Belons - they’re huge! and strong!

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Oh no. Are you suggesting that I need to work out at a gym for a month before getting my oyster knife?


Not if you start with Kumamotos or Sweet Petites. Small and weak!

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My mistake was thinking about him when I was there.:woozy_face:


Dexter or MEFE white handled El Cheapos work fine. Both are basically the same knife (or used to be), just a different brand depending on where you live. They used to cost a couple or three bucks apiece. Not sure what they are now.

You can buy them here. They also sell them sliced and frozen. They always seem to have them in supply.

Geoduck | Taylor Shellfish Farms

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$60 per pound is not cheap, but geoduck price can vary a lot. One of these days when I have time, I will post about my last geoduck.