Any Jam Makers or Home Canners Out There?

The squirrels like the dehydrated apple chips IF there are any blems or throw outs.


Today’s batch: eight+ half-pints of straight apple butter (no cinnamon or spice).

Also, a photo of today’s lucky winner of the apple peelings.

Young Buck


Bottling day (again).

Today’s liqueur is raspberry with cherry brandy and vodka. I had only a 1/2-pint of late-season, FM berries for this batch. Next year, if our own berries don’t come in big-time, I’ll buy a flat or two - this version was far and above my favorite of everything I’ve tried this summer (sour cherry, black berry, blueberry and as-of-yet-untested-apple). Bright, raspberry flavor and not too sweet.

The spent raspberries are amazing, also - plump and firm, and full of boozy goodness.

I also did 20 trays of apple slices in our food dryer.


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Oh, yes. Tomato jam, cream cheese and crackers. Yum! :yum:

Oh yum, I"m going to have to check into this!

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Unfiltered apple juice.

We gave our new cider press a test run today. We had a smallish basket of apples (half-bushel maybe?), and the yield was 3 pints of juice with a high acid level. I water-bath canned it.

It was fun! We’re going to position ourselves for a good supply of apples next year and make a bigger batch.


I didn’t mean to delete my post but now I can’t edit it! Here it is again:

I’m gathering ingredients for a batch of savory tomato jam tonight. It’s been a couple years since I made any, and I miss it. It’s so good with cheese and crackers, and now that I make my own sourdough crackers (thanks, pandemic!) I must have some tomato jam.

And here it is :slight_smile:


You’re such a tease! :grin:

Not sure if fermented hot sauce belongs on this thread, but for me there’s a lot of overlap, so I wanted to link to this thread;


Do we need a general thread on food preservation? Putting Food By - The Topic, Not The Book

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i would love that.