Any Jam Makers or Home Canners Out There?

I remember finding concords at a farmers market as an adult and thinking, now THIS is a grape flavor I can get behind!


This year’s Quince Jelly, a yearly ritual.


We stripped our small huckleberry bushes. I made a couple of jars of jam, started a huckleberry shrub, and started several jars of huckleberry liqueur.


Ohhhhh myyyyy:)

Thanksgiving growing up always had rolls and butter and quince jelly. Who cared about all the rest of the spread? Well, maybe the sourdough bread stuffing…


Huckleberries were slim pickens here and going for $100 a gallon…

Huckleberries were slim pickens here and going for $100 a gallon…

Yikes! That is steep!

Damn right, it killed a few catering gigs I was hoping for.

Chocolate and pear jam ( Belle-Helene) from a Christine Ferber recipe. A bit apprehensive because she recommends that the pears are thinly sliced, and I thought that they might be better dice? Looks a bit like this Will give to some taste testers…


Time for citrus preserves!

Not promoted as a jamalade, but last year I liked a version of this one.

Most of the inspiration is in this earlier post.

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I wish I had kept better notes last year. I want to use a lot of juice and supremes, maybe enough pith to reduce commercial pectin, but not add too much bitterness, and some heat which will have to come from frozen chinensis or Aji Amarillo peppers.

When citrus jam is not marmalade is it a "jamalade "?

Here is orange jelly. Why is that not a thing?

Argh! I just want a recipe that starts with a volume or weight of citrus supremes, then recommends pectin, liquid, powdered, or rind, and sugar.

Is that too much to ask? :grinning:

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8 cups orange pulp & juice
4 cups pure cane sugar
3 boxes Sure-Jell Low Sugar pectin (in the pink box)

Bring orange & sugar to a boil. Reduce heat & simmer 20 mins
Return to a boil & add pectin. Boil 1 more minute. Fill sterilized jars & process in a waterbath 10 mins for pints or hslf pints.

For a morr marmalade type jam:
Zest oranges
Cut off all the pith & chop the pulp until you get 8 cups of pulp & juice
Bring the pulp juice & zest to a boil, reduce heat & simmer 45 mins or until the zest is tender
Add sugar & bring to a boil, add pectin & proceed as above.

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And PS. That Pamona pectin & book are a bunch of overpriced gimicky crap. Get a Ball Blue Book, a few boxes of Sure-Jell & try some stuff. Everyting doesnt have to be perfect the first time you try it. Theres a word for jam that didnt turn out right ,- ice cream topping .

Heh - i bet this is gonna be an unpopular post.

Thank you @JoeBabbitt !

Crossing my fingers for you!

Are the newer ones different? Mine must be more than 20 years old, but it still works, especially for the basics .

I’ve been doing smaller batches over the last several years, and more savory stuff, especially pepper jellies and jams that I don’t I find there, and trying to understand proportion and formulas for whatever I grow or get locally at the time.

I did find this chart from last year.

Also still trying to get a handle on all the different pectin ins and outs.

The recipes vary from edition to edition. I have a 1935 edition i got at a flea market. It has some really cool recipes not in my newer o es.

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Anyone have a formula for figuring out how many jars and lids to prepare? For example 8 cups orange juice and pulp+4 cups sugar would be how many half pints of jam? I’m assuming it’s not as simple as 12 cups.

I dont have a formula, I look at a couple similar recipes and guess, and try to overprepare by a jar or two.


It makes 10 or 11 half pints. If you wind up with surplus jars you can use them next time. How many jars does your pot hold? Suppose it holds 8 or 10. After you fill the first batch, put the rest of your jam in a measuring cup & then you know exactly how many jars you need. If you’re going to keep on canning stuff id reccomend you get an 8 cup measuring cup. It makes a lot of things easier.

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Thank you! And I can let the second wait on the counter until the first batch finish their hot water bath?
Also, can i sub Ball low or no sugar for Sure Jel? I only have 1.5 box of Sure Jell, and this.

Would it be the equivalent grams? I’m going to look it up.

Last question; does all the pulp need to boil 45 minutes, or just the zest? W
Okay one more; why an equal amount of pectin in both versions? Does zest help it set?

I have a box of Pomona too.
Ugh. I think I learned this lesson last year. For Ball, pectin before sugar.