Any Demeyere Proline pan owners ?

Hi Alexanderras, Fissler gang can’t come for you as we’re too busy waiting for all this aluminum to preheat. I’ve always respected Proline, but felt heavy disc cookware does that job for me. What makes you choose one or the other for any given task?

Despite owning them I’ve not really had a choice as they’ve spent most of their lives in different kitchens. However, they’re soon to be reunited and it will be a proper head to head.

Both my Fisslers are 28 cm with two handles where my proline is 24 cm and a single handle, so I imagine part of it will be driven my size requirements and requirements of the dish. Not going to be tossing anything in those Fisslers, but I’m a big guy and I can toss a bit in the Proline.

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I don’t think I’ll be buying more prolines though as I agree the Fisslers do a good job of many of the same things, and I don’t like the aesthetics of pans with helper handles :grimacing:

Really like my Fissler 28cm sauté for dishes where I’ll be cooking a sauce in the same pan. I might gift my serving pan as it gets less use after I got the sauté.

Back on CH there was a lot of discussion about evenness of Demeyere Atlantis vs Fisslers on induction - especially in bigger sizes. Surely enough I ended up getting Fisslers in the bigger sizes and Atlantis in the smaller ones.


I’m still experimenting with my two Proline frying pans.

I’m not such a big fan of helper handles on frying pans either - but the helper handle on the 28 cm is there, I got to live with it.

As Damiano states, the Proline frying pan is far from the perfect pan.

Yes I can jump saute with it - but it’s not the best balanced pan for jump sauteing.

It’s also a slow heater and takes a long time to cool it down, so speed jump sauteing vegetanles is not really its biggest forte, but you can jump saute in the pan if you like. I prefer speed jump sauteing in one of my De Buyer Inocuivre 2.0 copper frying pans though.

Where I still find the Proline pans excel the most is when you have to sear larger pieces of meat and steaks. I would still say the Proline is the best most uniform seaqring pan I’ve yet to try.
And NO, I still haven’t tried the Fissler OP frying pans.
But the Proline frying pan is one heck of an evely heating searing pan. The best I’ve ever tried.

I also still enjoy the sheer build quality of my 2 Proline frying pans. These pans look like a tank, feel like a tank and are build like a tank. Great stuff.


Haha. Seems the Danes have similar aesthetic preferences. Must be our indoctrination into Danish design :joy:

The prolines are definitely well built and good looking cookware. I am less a fan on the aesthetics of the Fissler Pure Profi (now Original Profi) but I found them better than the original Original Profi. They do cook well though.

I certainly agree with you that there a many pans that are better than the prolines for jumping. I have been meaning to get some of the lighter Demeyeres to try, but will wait until we’re settled into our new place.


HI Alexander,

If you cook on gas I would try either the Falk 2.5 copper frying pans or the ones I got the De Buyer Inocuivre 2.0 copper frying pans for jump/toss sauteing. They also can sear a steak very very well too.
They have better balance in my view for this kind of job.
The Prolines are best for staionary searing on the stovertop.

I know you’re a big guy - I’m a midget compared to you (only 6’ 4" and 230 lbs) but even though I lift weights, I still feel the 28 cm Proline frying pan is kind of hefty for acting as a well balanced jump sauteing kind of pan.

The Falk 2.5 copper frying pans might be the next pans I buy - I’m eying the trio of 20cm, 24cm & 28cm from Falk for a good deal - but I’m afraid my wife will ask for a divorce If I buy more cookware :joy:

I bought the 24cm and 28cm De Buyer Inocuivre 2.0 copper frying pans based on advice from a guy on Chowhound - I still thank him in my mind for that advice.

Super well balanced pans, not too heavy, yet stilll hefty but well balanced frying pans.

If you want lighter Demeyere frying pans - take a look at the cheaper Demeyere line called Apollo. You see them in many belgian and dutch restaurant kitchens - they perform really well.

I own the Demeyere Apollo 32 cm wok - what a fantastic pan, so versatile - perfect for sauteing smaller amounts of vegetables and mushrooms, can get screamingly hot very fast and cools down almost as fast a good copper pan.


You’re hardly vertically challenged at 6’4. I just happen to be a giant - even by Nordic standards.

On gas at the moment, but my wife is very keen to get induction again. We’re moving back to Singapore, so will see what we end up with there.

I’ll keep the DeBuyers in mind. I’ve chosen cookware that’s induction compatible so far, which means I’ve stayed away from copper - that and I don’t want the maintenance that comes with some of it.

I was actually thinking either the Industry or perhaps Multiline pans rather than the Apollo. Can’t really make a good argument for why, but that was my starting point. Haven’t really spent much time contemplating it yet.

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A good (perhaps better?) alternative for the Fissler OP is the Paderno Grand Gourmet paella pan. Both on gas and induction.

In my experience it is a more responsive pan than the Fissler, while still having 50% more aluminum in its bottom than the Proline. Here’s hoping someone doesn’t flag my post as off-topic again.


Remind me - are they dishwasher safe these days?

I think you are safe. If you were wondering, I had nothing to do with the deletion of that post. i’ve certainly seen worse (maybe there was more than one that I didn’t see).

BTW, I never said I wasn’t coming here. I was here within weeks of the formation of this site in 2015. I’ve always been a closet lurker. Even on CH I would often go months without making a post or comment. Because of my professional responsibilities, there are stretches where I really don’t log on at all. But it’s not some sort of a protest. I’m just busy or bored.

I may have said near the end of CH that I was bored and would probably take a little break. That sounds like something I was thinking. I also don’t feel the need to contribute unless there’s something to be said about cookware that I have actually had some experience with. Admittedly, that covers quite a bit of ground at this point, but as posted elsewhere, that’s not what the discussions have really been about…

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No, unfortunately not…

But have you seen how expensive the Fisslers have become? The good old days of paying less than 100 euro are over sadly… Whereas the Paderno 28 is still around 50-60 euro.

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Thanks for the thoughtful reply.

i’m replying to your last two posts at once:

No one ever said the Proline is perfect. There is no such thing as a perfect pan because, as has been said many times before, there’s always some compromise to be made in terms of evenness, responsiveness, and heat retention. The Proline exists somewhere on that continuum — and has certain aesthetic and convenience properties that further set it apart from other frypans. But the Proline must be some sort of amazing pan at the end of the day if people are even thinking that it needs to be perfect.

For most of us here we have a considerable number of choices. The argument seems to be that there are many other pans that can do some of what the Proline does better. this is exactly making the argument that the Proline is better on its own that any other single pan. Maybe you feel your carbon steel pan or your cast-iron can put the same sear on a steak. Maybe you have a lighter clad for everyday cooking that does the job just fine. but if you really could only have one frypan, tell me which one it would be other than an 11 inch Proline?* I don’t think there’s anything out there that can function as well as an all-purpose frypan and also put a wicked sear on a steak.

  • there’s an obvious answer for this.

I didn’t read the first post - was it interesting ?

The obvious answer is that everyone’s happy medium is going to be different. Mine would probably be Demeyere Industry. Instead of sticking with that happy medium my preference has led me to one heat retentive even heating pan and one highly responsive still fairly even model. Others might think All-Clad D3 or Cristel Casteline are their do everything frying pan.

I think it’s a bit of a leap to say critique of Proline proves it’s somehow a perfect all rounder. Proline has a unique set of compromises for someone who already enjoys that heavy heat retentive side of things. I can only speak for myself in saying I see models that do a better job in the middle as well as on the extreme ends of the spectrum. There’s something here for everybody, and we’re all lucky to be able to nitpick things in this price range.


Again, I never said “perfect.”. I just said better than any other single pan. you used all clad as an example, which is pretty low hanging fruit for this comparison. Although the All-Clad may be slightly more responsive, the pro line will do just as well on lower heat (if not better). But you can’t really put any kind of decent sear on a steak in an All-Clad without warping it. So on one pan you have to give up a pretty significant attribute, while on the other pan you don’t. if you find the Proline too heavy, you can find a workaround for that. But there’s nothing to be done with an all clad that can’t sear all that well, and frankly is fairly prone to hotspots. How is that not just an inferior pan? And we haven’t even started with the uncomfortable handle and the staining, and the crap stuck in the rivets…

Put next to each other, only reason someone chooses an all clap is because of weight.

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Demeyere Industry was my example. D3 was to set up a range of what an all rounder could mean to people other than myself. D3 is consistently brought up as a well balanced line for the average consumer. Not my favorite line by far, but not low hanging fruit to the average consumer.

Thanks a bit of deal-breaker for me I’m afraid.

Yeah, I know you and Andrew picked up a lot of great stuff cheaply on European Amazons. I got mine there too, but def not as cheap as you probably did.

That said, I don’t think I need any more Fisslers, so I might just be ok…

Wasn’t me.

I don’t know ANYONE who’se called Prolines perfect. But I do know someone here who agreed with me that they’re the best clad pans ever made.

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