Anthony Bourdain - dead at 61

(Dan) #184

Right. I meant Kenya, Africa. Its from this last season. :blush:. CNN has it avail if u have their app.

(Joe K) #185

I have not watched Parts Unknown series the last couple of years because AB was shifting towards social/political commentary. I will miss his views on the world since I will never have the chance to travel to the places he has visited. He was a refreshing voice that was honest and insightful. RIP.

(Dan) #186

Just read about this today.


The Kenya episode seemed to have very little food, but Interesting in it’s own way. My sister JUST got back from a safari, but in S. Africa.

(Dan) #188

CNN’s AB’s Impact episode was by far the most difficult to watch. Fair warning, the irony is painful.


Thanks for the heads up. ALMOST watched it!