Anthony Bourdain - dead at 61

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Yep -you never know


I am angry.
And very sad. For his family, and those who loved him. And for those who appreciate his fascination with the world.
I hope he finds peace in whatever comes next.

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Such a confusing disease. Its been reported he was working in France on his show and found by fellow chef/friend Eric Ripert.

I enjoyed his contributions. RIP


This is awful.


this is the worst. I’m speechless and really sad.

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Waking up to the news, I thought perhaps I was still asleep and having a bad dream. What unbelievably shocking news,


For a few minutes, I thought it was fake news…still couldn’t believe this. What a lost. RIP

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I feel like “one of us” has died.
My condolences to his family, friends and fans.

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I think what I appreciate most about him was his belief that in breaking bread together we can find common ground. He saw worth in different cultures and made those lives accessible, more understandable, through the lens of food.


On screen he looked so enthusiastic…


I don’t know if he was ever diagnosed as depressive. I don’t remember him ever talking about it. So it makes me wonder if he fell off the wagon and OD’ed. In time I would expect more details to come out. In the meantime it’s just sad.

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This is just so unbelievable, I thought initially it was an elaborate joke he set up with Ripert. He was at the top of his game. WTH.




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He reportedly hanged himself in a Paris hotel room.

His girlfriend of two years, Asia Argento, (a Harvey Weinstein accuser), had apparently “found a younger fella’”.

Such a loss. I loved his books and his first couple of food/travel series, but he had kind of lost me with the new one, to be honest.

RIP, man.


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Cross posting

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Unfortunately, I have lost too many people to suicide. Depression is often a trigger according to every professional I have talked to.

AB’s twitter account has nothing but praise for those he worked with, loved or enjoyed meeting. If there is one thing I have learned words spoken aloud dont always match the words in our heads.

While this topic is not entirely food related, the food world has had so many serious spotlights placed upon it lately, AB taking his life just makes me incredibly disappointed…for those who remain.


Sometimes , you do. Doesn’t make it better. Must be awful for Ripert.