Anthony Bourdain - dead at 61


Here’s more reading about Tony and Asia.

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See!!! People do read Penthouse for the articles!!!




Well, that’s a repugnant essay by a repugnant person.


Above: Anthony Bourdain and John Birdsall dining at Juhu Beach Club in 2015. Photo: Helen Cho.


A cook’s life is a calling with scant rewards and a long string of fuckups. Just by understanding—by not judging, because whatever dark shit you’d seen or felt shame about in your own life—Uncle Tony made it better. He’d been the guy in a place even darker than yours, a junkie at the floor-shelf level of kitchen status, and lived to tell about it—so eloquently, in fact, that it makes you remember why you get up every morning and jump right back into the grind.

He made them look extraordinary—like he’d traveled all the way from New York just to eat these fucking amazing pupusas in Oakland. He had an aura or something, an invisible cloak of improvisational magic he could wrap himself in. He was also very, very kind.

I was an insignificant local writer working at a poorly funded alt weekly. Bourdain said he’d read my taco crawl piece. “Keep up the good work,” he said, as he and his guys got back in the van and rushed off.


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As they should.


I;m looking forward to the shows with crew narration. That for me will be a welcome insight.

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CNN is running AB PUnkown episodes all night.

Final episodes begin airing Sept 23rd.

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S10 E2 French Alps with Eric Ripert is so bittersweet. A lot of ribbing btwn the two friends, the food was such a sidebar.


Anthony Bourdain with W. Kamau Bell in the Kibera slums in Nairobi, Kenya, on Feb. 25, 2018.

David Scott Holloway via CNN

“It wasn’t like there was on-camera Tony and off-camera Tony. He definitely put himself forward as a guy who was complicated and had issues and could be gruff sometimes, but he also had a big heart.”

— W. Kamau Bell on Anthony Bourdain

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I saw a short preview of this episode online. Its painful to watch AB smiling and appearing to be jazzed about the experience outlined knowing he’d gone.


The best television correspondents don’t just go somewhere and then tell you about it. They show up, they ask questions, and they listen. What’s striking about Bourdain is that he was always ready to have his assumptions overturned. That’s good journalism. It’s why people from all over the world believe that Bourdain gave them a voice.

Since we’re cord-cutters I have yet to see most of Bourdain’s work on CNN - yet I still miss him, and his voice through which he gave voice to so many.


some excerpts:

some shows on Netflix Streaming until the end of the month and there might be a free 1-month subscription available: