New Jersey legislature approves the Anthony Bourdain Food Trail

Anthony Bourdain has NJ roots and the state wants to honor his legacy. A Food Trail is in the works and will include 10 restaurants AB visited during the NJ episode of season 5 on Parts Unknown.

The restaurants are:

More info:


Does participation in the trail come with a Kevlar vest?


Are you saying some of the areas are sketchy?


Just a tad.


This could prove interesting since often this sort of “trail” is marketed to tourists who may not be familiar with the area. But anyone who watched his shows should know that is a possibility.

Damn…now I need to rethink that whole diamond tiara themed wardrobe for my upcoming trip!


Camden is one of the murder capitals of the country. There are some really bad areas. I’m not sure where these food joints are in Camden and know very little about it. I got lost one time driving a van filled with expensive electronics home from a trade show in philly. I was scared! Probably the most sketchy spot I’ve been in.


Why? The guy kills himself and leaves his best friend to deal with the horror of finding the body.

In short order there is Kate Spade, this guy and a friend of over 55 years who shoots himself in the head with a .45 caliber pistol on his front porch leaving his wife and family to deal with the memory of seeing that.

Selfish, just jump off a bridge or drive off a cliff and let the authorities deal with it, they’re going to get involved anyway.

With all due respect the circumstance of his death is not what this is about. The manner of his death does not negate his contributions to the food world or what he meant to many people - strangers and friends and family.

No one can know what what the man was thinking or what lead to the way he died.

It’s probably best we take a pass on this line of communication and keep the thread from deviating from the food!


So your saying I really need to leave the tiara at home? :crown:

We have our share of shady areas in Houston, most notably the tres, or third ward and the nickel, bloody fifth ward. They both have some great food and have no problem going early in the day. Gentrification is encroaching on both due to proximity to downtown.

A little off topic, but this sort of info is one of things I really appreciate about HO. It’s nice to be able to run vacation ideas by the group and be cued in to possible issues I wouldn’t have known otherwise.


It’s no joke here. We have beautiful spots and straight up mayhem in certain areas.


I remember the episode well. The focus on these areas was much about their decline and the few businesses trying to succeed and make the area work. The Camden segment was particularly difficult to watch because it talks about the dangers in the neighborhoods these restaurants face. The Atlantic City scenes were about its rise and fall, but mostly fall (save for the Knife and Fork Inn).

While I enjoyed the episode (and all Bourdain episodes) and laud him for showing a New Jersey not loaded with spray tans and mobsters, it really made the state look like a slum.

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This makes the passing of the legislation quite curious. What you describe is not the side of a state that politicians usually want to present. I wonder if they were familiar with the episode and the areas the restaurants are located? At some point the question of liability will come up. I won’t be surprised if the trail becomes a farmer’s market named for AB by the end of this.

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I wonder why they use the word trail?

These places range from southwest jersey (camden) to southeast nj (Atlantic city) to central coastal nj (Asbury) to northern nj (fort lee.)

It should say “places Anthony visited in nj”

There is absolutely no “trail” or even a remote area that he homed in on. Anyway, I’m not saying to disregard these places, but the article title is completely out of whack. I’m sure there are some winners among that group.