Announcing the Hungry Onion Drooling Q&A- The Inaugural Holidays and New Year Series!


The Hungry Onion Drooling Q&A is finally here! This Q&A series is a place where you can interact with your favorite cookbook authors, food critics and chefs and ask them in-depth and thought-provoking questions about their areas of expertise. It is a great venue that lets us explore the interviewees’ thought processes, how they approach their professional work, and what drives their passion.

Spread the word by letting your favorite food pub writers, bloggers, newspapers and friends know that we are doing the Q&A series and invite them to ask questions!

We’ve assembled an amazing Q&A lineup for the The Inaugural Holidays and New Year Series.

In November, we have:

In December, we have:

In January 2017, we have:

Members can submit questions to each interviewee’s Q&A thread ahead of time, and during the Q&A. Other members can then vote on the questions. More votes = more popular questions. The interviewees then will join us at the designated time. Let’s go ask them some thought-provoking questions!

Click on the photo for each Q&A and the detailed biography of the interviewee. Please also check out our community members’ knowledgeable discussions on restaurant recommendations and cooking techniques!

HO Drooling Q&A
(Bay Area) Need help- what are the larger food publications and blogs in the area?
(kg) #2

Impressive inaugural line up. Well done!

(Jimmy ) #3

Shared to my Facebook page.


Thank you so much for organizing this— on top of having local food writers that I admire, that’s like the Justice League of authors I learned to cook from.

(Ailsa Konzelman) #5

Wow! This is pretty cool and much appreciated! I’m looking forward to seeing the questions come in.


Very impressive!


Just wanted to echo the thanks; I’m really looking forward to these!


Wonderful lineup! I’ll spread the word…

(Roz Rappaport) #9

Sampson, you’ve done a masterful job putting this together! Thanks!

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And our drooling Q&A series conclude. I hope everyone gained a bit of insights into how the Q&A participants work and think. Cheers!


That was really fun and interesting. Thank you for putting it together!


Thank you!