Advice needed: How do you store your recipes?

I’ve been reading along since I posted WAY upthread re: Mastercook. I wonder if Pepperplate realizes they’re going to be losing users/subscribers.

Since now they are not earning any income, except the ad banners on their sites. So even if they have 100 subscribers, they will be earning something. From their newsletter, looks like they want to sell apps as well in the future. But I think they didn’t do things in the right order, they should have created their apps, improve the website, and then ask for paid subscription.


1000% agree


Paprika can now import a Pepperplate recipe database directly; they have instructions here:

I tried it, and it seems to work, except that pictures don’t appear to be imported.

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Great, thanks for the tip!

Although, I’ve finished importing all my recipes from Pepperplate yesterday!

I’ve been using RecipeSage which has an import function that doesn’t require a desktop computer at all (all I had to do was sign in with my Pepperplate account). I tried Paprika but it doesn’t have any sharing/collaboration features for shopping lists which I use for the family.

Thanks for all of the help and suggestions here!


Wow - thanks. I’ll give it a try!!

Welcome to HO, homechef!!!

Books or Word of mouth from my grandmothers, mother or mom in law or restaurant chefs.

I can’t get it to find my recipes

I’m not sure if I can help, but were you able to get the recipes_2.db file?

Nope. But my husband was able to get them out in a text file. Can’t import that though. I think I already did a bunch one by one. Thanks for the offer!!

I wasn’t able to find the recipes_2.db file initially either, so I opened the File Explorer,
selected C:, and searched for recipes_2.db. Once I clicked “All subfolders”, it found the file.


Thank you @nonaggie for the picture, that allowed me to figure it out which I had been unable to do with the written directions. I spent a couple days tidying up in Pepperplate and just successfully imported all my recipes into Paprika.

Yayyy! Seemed to work here as well! Thanks for sharing that.

Seconded on the txt files. I usually don’t follow just one recipe, but end up blending together a variation on what I see online, mostly based on the commonalities and twists I see in various beloved versions of that recipe, so there isn’t a single recipe I can import. This lets me keep my own version, and notes on what works and what doesn’t. (real reason: also I started doing this before these apps were around)

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Are you sure you are looking at the windows version of the app on your computer, and not the browser version online? That was a snag for me. I knew I had paid for the app, but didn’t realize each app is sold separately, and I had bought the android app. So I bought the windows app too.

Yes, the first place I got it was on my computer. It’s not really an app, it’s a website.

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That could be the problem; when I think website, I think you are using the browser, and not the freestanding app/application that I believe does not require internet access to be present. If not for this particular import function, I can’t imagine buying this version, but who knows. PC versions of things can often do more things.

Yes, that’s right. But it was free and I don’t plan to subscribe.

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