Advice needed: How do you store your recipes?

Hi all,

I’ve not much system, some recipes are printed out and put in a big folder (from web or scans from books/magazines). Post-it notes on recipes books. I’ve tried softwares, recipes were lost when softwares discontinued or it take me too much time to enter the recipes. My recent way: I create an imap email address just for recipes, as least there is a search function and is accessible on all devices and all computer without the need of buying softwares, doing updates etc.

I’m sure you have better ways than me, how do you keep them together? notebook with clippings? or softwares? Thanks.

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I’m my head , but that hasn’t worked out well for me because I can’t remember them. So I have to recreate it as best as I can. Never a dull moment. Hope you get better advice. :blush:

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I save what I want to keep in my Mastercook software.

Hi naf,

I use Paprika and can’t imagine going back to paper… There’s no need to enter recipes manually. If you can find it online, Paprika can import it with little or (more often) no typing at all. For hundreds of websites, the recipe scraper will automagically import recipes. For lazy bloggers who just type them in and such (someone sends you an email or posts it here), you can easily copy and paste it. Copy the url and load it into Paprika’s built-in browser Highlight the text you want, like the name, or ingredients, etc… and click on the appropriate button Name, Ingredients, and so on. The text is copied for you, and you can easily edit it if you choose to.

Paprika recipes are scalable and include timers keyed to all the timing notes in the instructions. It also includes a shopping list and meal planner. Recipes can be sorted into custom categories, arranged any way you want, even with sub-categories. . You can search in any category by name, ingredient or source.

I tend to use my Mac for email and browsing, so that’s how most get imported. I cook from a tablet, which is ideal in the kitchen and is also easy for importing. I shop with my phone. Meal planning I share between all 3 devices.



I will search online for a recipe . Add it to my favorites bar . Cook it and delete it . I don’t store them , though I do have scribbled recipes on various pieces of paper before the internet . I very rarely cook a recipe the same way twice . Even though it might have been great , that’s boring to me .

I find as many as I can online, or just key them into a Word document, and save to a DropBox cloud account. It’s free - it’s on the desktop, laptop, tablet and phone here. I am working on finding recipes online from little-used cookbooks, so as to donate them and make room for…more cookbooks.

Also, some recently popular cookbooks [Joanne Chang’s “Flour” books are a good example show up at various Kindle discount sites frequently - the Kindle reading app is also installed on all devices for those books.

I use Pepperplate for recipes I find online. Many websites are formatted in a way that allows one-click addition to the software, and I can make up a shopping list that I can access from my phone or tablet.

If it’s something I’ve printed out, I have a 3 ring binder with plastic report covers that I slip the printed sheet into. This allows me to cook from the book and protects the paper from spills etc. But with the Pepperplate/tablet combo I no longer have to print recipes out like I used to.

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I have a lot in a three ring binder but I don’t refer to it often these days. I have imported a lot of recipes into Pepperplate which I can then access from iPad, phone and laptop. It’s free, recent updates improved search function, I can keep a running grocery list and have it on hand. I have a heavy duty case on the iPad and a great (inexpensive) stand so I can just set it up behind my cutting board. If I want to watch Netflix instead while cooking I can pull up the recipe on my phone.

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My fridge is just next to the worktop, I clip my ipad on the fridge like this.


Another vote for Pepperplate. I wish the search functionality were more advanced, but overall it does what I need it to do.


Interesting. I can’t tell what’s holding it on.

My head is the first place. I used to use a file box for all the ones I tore out of magazines, etc, but I love Pepperplate. I have a lot on there now. I’ll even look up a recipe on the internet that I see in a magazine so I can import it to Pepperplate.

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I just use a little notebook. I shorthand the recipes: just ingredients, pan sizes, time/temp, and any directions different from what I’d assume was the way to do it. I abbreviate stuff I know, e.g., van = vanilla extract.

Remember when recipes were kept on 3x5" index cards? Most of the things we cook regularly don’t need to be written out in as much detail as on websites and in newer cookbooks.

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I do like that you can filter by category (if you go to the trouble of putting in a category when you import). The phone app now has the same feature.

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I use Pepperplate and a Kindle I keep in the kitchen.

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It’s the smart cover of ipad, the magnet holds on to the fridge or any metal surface. Very robust too. No need to buy a special gadget or holder just for the fridge.

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Like many people here, I have a multi-prong approach to recipe management. I am a subscriber to EatYourBooks. Here I can search in many ways to find a recipe I have made and want to find on my bookcase, for my family recipes and recipes I have collected from a multitude of sources, I use Pepperplate. Since Pepperplate is clearly a hobby project, everything that I put in there is also in a grouping of folders in paper form. I do wish that his search capacity was stronger and that I could export my recipes “just in case.”

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I know what you mean. I was looking for my home cured bacon recipe and when I put bacon in the search it found everything but. I had to put in cured!

Did you search by ingredient? I do think it helps to add categories to imported recipes e.g. “Main dish”, “vegetarian”, etc.

Yes, I have categories. Maybe i need to narrow them down some more. But I just put “bacon” in the search. I would have thought that would work, but no!!

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