Advice needed: How do you store your recipes?

I don’t think paprika has an online browser version. Even trial version, you need to download the app.

I thought I was able to just login on my PC online, but maybe it’s always been on my tablet. The confusion for me was I knew I paid something years ago; I think 2016, I thought to be able to use it on my pc, but yesterday realized that had something to do with syncing across multiple platforms.

“Apps” for Windows, as opposed to applications, is a recent thing for me.

Yes, Paprika has an online version that synchs with your phone

Parpika stores the information online on cloud after for example I finish typing a new recipe on my computer, I log on my phone, it will sync with the cloud and update the app on my phone for the new recipe.


But it seems they have several versions, (for Android, for iOS, for MAC, and for Windows) , and the version you need for the data transfer is the Windows “app”, that actually lives and stores info on your PC’s hard drive. These “platforms” can all sync with each other, and the ability to sync across these platforms is what I apparently paid for a few years ago.

It seems to me that until recently, there were very few Windows “apps”, and what set that operating system apart was the ability to handle more robust “applications”.

I recently got a Surface PC, and have been thinking about what “apps” ( vs the standard office applications) make sense on a Surface.

I don’t use PC but Mac, so can’t say more, but thanks for explaining this new app thing in Windows, I just read a bit on that.

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That makes sense as to why I couldn’t find my recipes except in a text file.

I don’t think this is true; I was able to import my Pepperplate DB file using the Android Paprika app on my phone. If you’re using a phone to import a Pepperplate DB, the tricky thing is perhaps how to get recipes_2.db onto your phone; I put it in a Dropbox, and then Android Paprika allowed me to import a file from my Dropbox. I’m not sure if this works on iOS though.

(I haven’t tried Paprika’s cloud sync though; I just used the free trial which doesn’t sync to see if I could actually import my recipes.)

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Thank you! Where did you find Was it stored on an Android device? That was my stumbling block. I don’t have a file explorer on mine. I thought the directions suggested it was stored somewhere on a hard drive.

I’m still trying to understand the difference between apps and applications. I know some require online access, and some don’t. The ones that don’t must be storing things on your device, but I can’t seem to figure out where.

Just got this email;

We’re writing to remind you that your free 14-day Pepperplate trial expires soon. If you are enjoying Pepperplate, consider a monthly or annual subscription plan.

If you decide to activate your subscription at a later date, your recipes will be waiting for you.

Export Recipes - If you would like to retrieve your recipes, you can download a full set of recipe data files by going to the Profile page on and selecting “Export Recipe Data.”

It downloaded as “zip” txt file called

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Thanks! I just tried it. It is the text files and they don’t import into Paprika. Were you able to?

Oh, I see; you need to download the Pepperplate app from the Microsoft store to get recipes_2.db using the instructions I posted above. Just going to the Pepperplate website won’t do it.

But once you have recipes_2.db, you should (in theory, I haven’t tried) be able to use Paprika on any device (iOS, Mac, Windows, or Android) to import that recipes_2.db file.

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I didn’t try that.

So, guess what. My Pepperplate free trial has ended and I still have all my recipes on my iPad. Haven’t looked on line.


Shaking my head. iPad people. :blush:

Same experience: no online access but full access on iPad. Can’t edit but still useful. But I was successful porting everything to Paprika, just lost the pictures.

Try importing to RecipeSage - it’ll pull your pictures along too.

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