Advice needed: How do you store your recipes?


If you have trouble, since you have bought the app, just write to them here.

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Thank you again!!


After some to and fro with the support of Paprika. We noticed that Pepperplate offers no options for file export. If you use the desktop version of Paprika, you can login to Pepperplate account from within Paprika browser and view and download recipes. Works alright for me with recipes written in English.

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Thanks, naf!

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I have been storing my recipes in my gmail account since about 2007. I use tags (“recipes & food,” “cocktails & drinks” and sub tags “gluten free,” “vegetarian,” etc. Works great, and I love the search functionality. Plus available across platforms anywhere I have a data connection.


Actually for recipes I haven’t tested out, I just use Pocket to manage and save the recipes for into list for future use. The tag function is great. You can define the keyword as you want. Very useful to search, for example a certain ingredient, or a certain cuisine.


I am looking into this as I have found Pepperplate’s performance degrading at an alarming rate. Very sad because I really liked Pepperplate. Were you able to move your Pepperplate recipes over to Paprika?


Yes if the recipe is written in English. Hmmm, but need to do it one by one. Good point is Paprika has a powerful search engine that you can define (name/ingredients/source or even the whole recipe). You can also have several photos with each recipe.

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I just downloaded the free trial on my PC. It looks very complicated. Can you just download a recipe you come across on the internet or do you have to browse for a specific recipe through the app?


You can use the browser inside the app that acts like a normal browser, or use the normal browser and copy paste the address on the address bar in the app that interested you, and click “download” button (situated below on the right hand side for Mac) if you want to keep the recipe, click “save”.

I admit you need a learning curve, but once you get used to the interface, it will be fine.

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It is definitely more complicated than Pepperplate! Thanks!

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Imported my first recipe as a test from the Paprika Browser and it’s really good the way it gives you everything. But, when I get recipes in my emails that I want to save, is there a way to do that. Pepperplate has a bookmarklet that you hit and it saves the recipe. I have some reading to do!!

Edited to say - I got the bookmarklet and it works. I may be in love.