2023 Grocery Outlet [California, Oregon, Washington, etc., etc.]

2023 Grocery Outlet thread.


From the 2022 Thread
@rajbot said:
“am super curious to learn more about how the wine/beer stocking works. The Richmond, Novato, and Petaluma stores all seem to have great selection (supposedly the Petaluma store is known for having an excellent buyer), but I presume there’s probably a list somewhere they’re all buying off of? I’m tempted to find the San Rafael buyer and tip them off to the GO Wine comment threads so they pick up better stuff.”

My understanding is that there is one corporate alcohol buyer that then offers up what is purchased to each franchise. It is definitely up to the buyer / owners at the store to decide what comes in (depending on license of course… we have one near us that stocks beer/wine and another that also has a license to carry spirits.)

I think reaching out to your store buyer is a great idea. I have done that locally and had good results in seeing more of the things I like show up :slight_smile:


The East Hayward GO has only lately started getting interesting, local beers, but you have to buy 4-packs. No large singles unless you’re looking for a 40 of Bud/Corona/etc.


GO, Santa Cruz

GOOD Cottage Cheese, 2.50

Good brand cottage cheese is back. Three varieties: Double Cream, 2%, and 4% (lactose free). Picked up a few of the double cream. Side note: i noticed that Good has switched to #5 plastics (formerly used #2 which is accepted by more recycling programs), which are not always recyclable (check your local guidelines).


Seen at Pleasant Hill—
Lindsey’s Gold organic eggs
org medium 7.29/18
org large 6.49/12

Rosie whole organic chicken $2.99/lb

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Nice price on Rosie’s at the PH GO - that’s my fav for roasting, like it better than Rocky’s.

South San Francisco location:


Anybody planning a party? 3 liter bottles of Oregon Pinot in Burien, WA (S Seattle)


Marina (Monterey Bay):
Icelandic Provision plain skyr 24oz $2.99
Good Cottage Cheese double cream and low fat $2.49 (thanks for recommending @anaxgorous, it’s delicious!)
Cowgirl Creamery Mt Tam 8 oz $8.99 expires late Feb
Kent mangos $5/5


Pacifica, CA
Who knew Hooters had a line of retail booze? That Wedemeyer is good sourdough for sandwiches.


Hello, I’m new here.

I just found you guys and see that you post about some of the same type of things I get excited to find at Grocery Outlet. I’m in Western Washington, and regularly visit two GOs and hit a third on occasion. My store is Renton Highlands, I also go to Puyallup South Hill every-other weekend with my mom, and hit up the 72nd Street store in Tacoma mostly for the wine sale. They will often have inventory of wines that have flown off the shelf at the other locations. They are set up with a small wine section and they have a mishmash of wine displayed all along the top of the frozen foods chest freezer dividers and more end-cap displays than other stores as well. It’s a real mixed-bag there, and feels like a treasure hunt during the 20% off in spring and fall. South Hill has the most varied inventory of the three stores, and is by far the most likely to have higher quality products with surprisingly low prices. Also this store seems unique in utilizing interim price cuts on fresh products, instead of holding steady at full price up until the expiration date and then switching to 5/$1.00 or whatever. I can be swayed by a $2.00 price drop.

I stopped at the Renton store Thursday night. This store lacks a lot in basics. Like finding pastured or organic eggs would be an event, and organic milk is everyday priced at $4.99 per half gallon, where the same brand is everyday priced $4.29 in Puyallup. So the only things I noted on this trip were the Dunkin Donuts Cold Brew Packs at blowout 10 for 98 cents (that’s 8.46 oz of coffee for 10 cents, expiration date Jan 31). Also I was excited to see the Stryve Biltong back in stock, unil I looked closer and saw it was the hickory flavored jerky in an 8 oz bag. I ran it up to the front for a price check and then ran it right back to the shelf after hearing that it is $9.99. The 4oz bags of the sticks for $2.99 we saw all summer long were a screaming deal, but this one is a resounding “no thanks”. The Pasta Di Gragnano Italian pasta (made in Italy, expires 3/2024 this is a beautiful pasta) penne and the spaghetti were back in stock at $1.99. The Muir Glen organic crushed tomatoes 28oz were still in stock at $.99. expires 3/2023. Housewares has a few more Instant Pot brand accessories in stock.

Mom and I are going to South Hill store today and I will report back. I’m excited to find you guys. Let me know if I do anything that breaks etiquette.


Welcome RacerX! I look forward to reading about your finds in WA!

Welcome - nice run down!

Hi, RacerX,


My most productive times at Grocery Outlet in Oakland, CA have been finding bargains in the cheese section where I found Rogue Creamery and other award-winning products at bargain prices but it takes skill to read the labels carefully. In the rest of the Deli section you will find steals on products that may have only a few left until their “Best By” dates so those are the itmes that I make sure to consume first.

There are several posters from Washington State who review Grocery Ooutlet wines available in their state. Here’s a link -

Also here’s a link to the Grocery Outlet from 2022 that you can review to learn about the kind of specials that you can expect this year -

When I find something interesting, I alsways list the price and serving size so a fair comparison can be made.

Good luck.


Great, thanks, I did read the entire 2022 thread before celebrating the fact that I have found my people!


There’s a PNW section too.
Dive right in.
We try to have fun :slightly_smiling_face:

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Welcome! I think I’ve been to the Renton store and found it nicer than my usual Burien store - a little higher end for the Eastside demographic. The one in Black Diamond is nice, too. I don’t know if it’s make a special trip nice, but a good stop for snacks on the way to Mt Rainier.


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Okay, I’m not sure this is formatting correctly with the pictures, but these are from today at South Hill in Puyallup, WA. Not pictured (okay they are pictured now below this text, clearly I don’t know how to post here yet, sorry), are some dairy deals like $1.50 large full-fat cottage cheese from Breakstone, Castello smoked Danish-style fontina cheese (exp 3/2023) 7oz for $2.99, Taza Deliciously Dark 70% and Wicked Dark 95% w/almond organic chocolate bars 2.5oz for $2.50 (exp 07/2023). I’m excited for the pasta sauces pictured, as they all have super clean ingredients with no oil or sugar (best by date is Jan 2024). Funny that the clearance price here for those cold brew coffee packs is $.97 each vs. the 10 for $.98 at the Renton store. Each box has 4 filter packs and I’m tossing some of the packages I picked up, at the lower price, in the freezer to use later in the year for camping coffee. Eggs were scarce, limited to 2 cartons per customer, and nothing organic or pasture raised so I zipped on by. Sorry for the picture quality. The swiss cheese is 4.44 pounds.


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I keep meaning to check out the Burien store and the new one in Milton, and thanks for the tip about Black Diamond. That could be a fun trip when the weather is good! I go to the Port Angeles store in the summer (the Sequim store closed last year) and it’s a solid stop for camping food and surprise items that have been sold out at the other locations for months. The worst one I’ve seen is the Bellevue Crossroads store. I swear I’ve tried it 3 or 4 times and have never seen anything priced at a savings. I thought the same thing you said, that it would be catering to a different demographic; but so far strangely enough the Puyallup store stocks the most higher quality items I’ve seen from any of the different stores.


Went to the South San Jose location last week. They had more staples than usual, such as Mazola cooking oil for 4.99, spam for 3.99, KA all purpose flour (5.99? can’t remember), and Pacific chicken broth. The prices were better than regular prices at other grocery stores but not huge discounts. I also noticed that a lot of the Asian groceries were not cheaper than they are at 99Ranch, so it pays to know your reference prices.