Your typical take-out order : Thai, Mexican, Pizza, you name it

What do you typically order for takeout?

These are my main takeout go-tos

I tend to get Cantonese takeout.
My typical order might be Hot & Sour or Won Ton Soup, egg rolls or spring rolls, Tai Dop Voy, beef with Chinese Greens, some sort of fried noodle

Usually a pepperoni/mushroom/ pepper Deluze is for a group, or a takeout slice (working my way through all the slices at Eataly) for myself if I’m getting takeout for one

Middle Eastern
Fried eggplant, fried garlic tomatoes , fattoush, kofte, shawarma, shish tawouk

Fish & Chips
The seafood platter, including shellfish as well as fish
Clam chowder

Greek mango salad, tom kha gai for myself, tom yum for someone else , panang curry if it’s offered
Sometimes Pad Kra Pao/ basil stir-fry (my last order) or fried glass noodles. Occasionally pad Thai ( I like NaNa’s Pad Thai in Toronto)

Spanakopita, avgolemono soup, souvlaki in a pita

Usually bun with lemongrass chicken, shrimp, pork and a fried spring roll, or fresh rolls.

I live in a part of the world that doesn’t offer enough Mexican beyond tacos, and the enchilada aren’t saucy enough. I’ve been getting chiles rellenos, chicken enchiladas, tamales, fajitas, plantanos, arepas and trying out other various mains at a Mexican/Salvadoran place, which is pretty good but I’m jonesing for the kind of Mexican takeout one can find in Northern California. In Toronto, there are some places that have good tacos al pastor, carnitas, al asador, etc, and I sometimes get those to go.

Lately, tandoori chicken, a lamb curry, some garlic naan, often aloo gobi, sag paneer, samosas, bhaji, mango lassi. Usually daal or another legume dish depending on the menu.

I am thinking if getting Thai takeout tonight, for the first time in a year, that’s the inspiration behind this thread/poll.


Pizza: cheese for the kid, pepperoni or sausage for the husband, and either cheese or something with vegs for me. Or a Buffalo chicken calzone!

Thai: beef and broccoli or beef satay for the kid, mango / black pepper curry for the husband, lots of rice for both. Drunken noodles or massaman curry for me. Spring rolls for everyone,

Local burrito place: carne asada with pinto beans for both guys (with jalapeños for the older one, which means the burritos need to be labeled very carefully!), al pastor with black beans for me.


In N Out - Quad Animal Style, hold the cheese

Tender Greens: The Angry Vegan

Shake Shack: Peanut Butter & Bacon ShackBurger

Chik-fil-A: Egg white grill with extra filet

Mendocino Farms: the 3 Lil’ Piggies


Thai; Larb
Mexican; carnitas tacos
Vietnamese; Pho, but only when it’s raining…which is hardly ever now. :slightly_frowning_face:


We don’t do much carryout, never have, but decided that our favorite Vietnamese resto is a) really close by, and b) having gotten takeout once, decided that it’s no fun eating our favorite bun and summer rolls out of styrofoam.
There’s a bar/restaurant about a half mile from our house, awesome pizza. Jalapeno pineapple, sausage mushroom, or pepperoni olive and mushroom.
Poncho’s is wonderful- we really love their food. All of it. Totally local, It has maybe four tables and are set up for carryout. Everything’s good, it’s local, and almost always my carryout choice. This is our most frequent carryout. Their breakfast burritos are fabulous, just the thing on a Sunday. Or anyday. Cheese enchiladas are my gauge for judging a restaurant, and they pass with flying colors.
Mostly go out for it. There’s one nearby that we used to like, haven’t chanced it recently due to some scary Yelp reviews, not that I take it as gospel, but it’s like reading Amazon reviews. There’s one a few miles away that’s great. Tofu and vegetables, and Mongolian Beef are what we’ve ordered.
I feel like I shouldn’t even post this, but I will. We don’t have that many exotic restos that most of the posters here have access to for carryout, but we have some good ones

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I don’t do takeout but if delivery qualifies it’s Total Wine.

Ps: @small_h I just wanted to say hello… … … :grimacing:


Sure, delivery qualifies, it’s a type of Take-out in my books.

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Damn you.

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:joy: :joy:

We normally dine out on weekends, but order extra food to takeout at some restaurants, to have during the week. We also order takeout at some other restaurants. Below is a list of various takeout orders. Some of these orders are good for several dinners.
Don Pepe II: Stuffed Avocado (shrimp & crabmeat); Twin Lobster stuffed with crabmeat; shrimp, and scallops; Paella A La Valenciana (lobster, clams, mussels, shrimp, chicken, Spanish sausage in saffron rice).
Chengdu 1 Palace: We order a ton of food here when we dine out, and have plenty of leftovers for 2 more dinners at home. The usual order includes: Spicy Baby Wontons in chili oil; Ants Climbing a Tree; Hot and Spicy Jumbo Prawns; Hot and Spicy Lobster (2 lobsters); Spicy Stir Fried Lamb; Chicken Ding; Eggplant in Garlic sauce
Ammata Thai: Som Tum Thai (Green papaya salad)- chili, garlic, tomato, dried shrimp, peanut, string bean; Crispy Betel Leaves - Betel leaves tempura, grilled shrimp, shallots, roasted coconut, ground peanut, cilantro, scallion with chili like dressing; Lon of Crab Dip - Jumbo lump crab meat,
coconut milk, shallots, lemongrass, sweet chili, kaffir lime leaves, rice cracker, crab roe, fresh cucumber; Southern Crab Curry - Spicy Southern region curry paste, Jumbo lump crab meat, coconut milk, kaffir lime leaves, turmeric, betel leaves, roasted cauliflower; Phad Phed Beef - Stir-fried Beef tenderloin, red chili paste, green peppercorn, Thai eggplant, red chili, string bean, kaffir lime leaves, Thai basil; Isaan Rice Ball - Crispy rice ball, minced chicken, ginger, mint, shallot, scallion, puffed rice, roasted peanut, cilantro, spicy lime vinaigrette, fresh vegetable; Larb Chiang Mai - Northern region minced chicken, rice powder Chiang Mai spice, shallots, mint, scallion, cilantro, fried onion, fresh vegetable
Drew’s Bayshore Bistro: Besides the ton of leftovers from dining in (including Nashville Hot chicken), I usually order Drew’s spicy jambalaya (with Andouille sausage, Tasso ham, shrimp, and chicken with trinity vegetables) to go. I will sometimes order Drew’s Bistro Bolognese cavatelli with pork, veal, beef tomato cream, and black pepper parmesan to go. Both orders are enough for two substantial dinners.
Il Nido: When we dine at Il Nido we usually order the nice charcuterie plate and use the leftovers for 2 nice pasta dinners during the week.
James on Main: When we dine at James on Main I will order his crispy fried chicken and house smoked pork shoulder to go. These are good for 4 dinners during the week.
A Taco Affair: buttermilk fried chicken – crispy fried chicken, bacon, green tomato, jalapeno ranch; smoked brisket – house smoked brisket, coleslaw, crispy red onions, BBQ sauce; shrimp po’ boy – Cajun popcorn shrimp, red tomato, green cabbage, old bay mustard aioli; Mexican street corn – charred sweet corn, cilantro lime aioli, cheese blend; truffled yuca fries – steak cut yuca fries, truffle oil, parmesan, chili garlic aioli
Stamna Greek Taverna: Ktapodi - Charcoal Grilled Octopus; Spanakopita - Traditional Spinach and Feta Cheese Pie; Lamb Gyro; Crispy fried whole Tsipoura (porgy)
Pete’s Meats and Grill: Cuban Sandwich; smoked St. Louis ribs; Pastrami short ribs loaded fries; Pastrami egg rolls


What awesome take-out orders!


Great point. When at a restaurant I frequently order a couple dishes for takeout to eat as leftovers. I forgot all about that aspect!

As a token of my appreciation I want you to take the rest of today off. Just tell your supervisor I authorized it.


Thank you :blush: We try to support as many restaurants as we can during these tough Covid times.

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You seem to have a lot of good local restaurants! How far do you drive to pick up take out?


Thanks. Yes, I am very fortunate, but most of these restaurants aren’t really local. I can travel anywhere from 5/10 minutes (Greek and tacos) to 45 minutes, if the food is really worth it, and it reheats nicely.


I’ve been transporting takeout / restaurant leftovers up to 120 miles during the pandemic!

Not a 120 mile trip for the takeout specifically , but I have been bringing restaurant leftovers, baked goods or prepared foods from one city to another! I stop at my favourite bakeries before I make the drive.


Enjoy your Thai. Cdc (constant dining companion) and also Conan (conan the librarian) both favor drunken noodles. I used to always get shrimp pad thai but finally broke that powerful spell the other night with masala chicken curry. The jasmine rice the curry comes with is very flavorful and freshly cooked.


My most recent Danish takeout meal! (It’s also the only Danish restaurant within 200 miles of my house)
Frikadeller, roast pork, roast duck, red cabbage, salad, lemon mousse, and apple cake from The Danish Place [Puslinch, Ontario]


Eggplant pizza and egg rolls (when in the U.S.), and anything when in Mexico.

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We rarely do takeout, and when we do it is almost always Chinese or Indian. For Chinese it is usually wonton soup, some sort of vegetables and tofu, and twice cooked pork. For Indian it is usually pakoras, chana masala, lamb rogan josh or vindaloo, and both mango and rice pudding which we mix. Naan or kulcha. Both types of food do well with takeout. A burger with a soggy bun, wilted lettuce, and warm tomatoes and pickles, accompanied by limp fries, is no fun.