The Danish Place [Puslinch, Ontario]

This is a neat place off of Highway 6 near the 401.

I will return!

I ordered the duck, roast pork, frikadeller, Tivoli salad, apple cake and lemon mousse.


Great report place even looks Danish.

I like the smorrebrod options when they bring out the variety on vertical silver trays with all the treats to choose from.

I didn’t see it on their menu maybe I missed it but this is the dish I like best

*Stegt flæsk med persillesovs or fried pork belly (can do in oven too) with parsley sauce and boiled potato


Looks delicious!

The menu changes at The Danish Place changes weekly, apparently.

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Looks great, very traditional compared to the fancy danish restaurants in Copenhagen you see pop up at the moment.

‘Stegt flæsk med persillesovs’ is a classic, everyone should at least try.
I do my pork belly in the oven and I want it just like you see in Chienrouge picture - well done.

I hate soft chewy pork belly. It has to crunch almost crack, when you bite in to it.


Extra parsley sauce for that. I agree. My family does it on the rack in the oven too.

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That pork belly looks very cooked through and dry

That’s the point with this dish. Soak it in the parsley sauce.

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At least for me that is a waste of great pork belly

It’s the national dish lol

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You’re missing the whole point of the dish.


There are other national dishes I think which are overrated - and I never found any fried pork belly (or similar oven-based preparations of pork belly) which tend to cook the pork belly well done memorable.

That’s perfectly all right.

Then what the he_ll are you doing in a thread about danish dishes and restaurants and attacking the danish national dish ?