Your Fav Prepared Frozen Foods…

I am curious about what you all really like. For me…

1.) McCain’s french fries - always have them on hand. Best frozen fries.

2.) Pagoda pork egg rolls - wished I always had them, but sometimes run out. Surprisingly good with a good homemade sauce.

3.) Jimmy Dean’s pancake covered sausages on a stick - fairly often. Quick and delicious with a drizzle of maple syrup.

4.) Van Camps beer battered filets - occasionally. Like ‘em for a "filet o’ fish" type sandwich… but just “ok”.

While there are others I occasionally buy, it’s rare, and nothing comes to mind as being “good”.



I do those too… but a bit less often now that we have a T&B place in town.

I used to do Tombstone, but they have disappeared from local markets and I think these are the same stuff under a different brand name.

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Other than frozen fries, the only prepared frozen food I keep on hand on a regular basis is Trader Joes Mac and cheese. It works for when I really don’t want to cook. I will be keeping my eye on this thread in hopes of getting tips on something that might interest me.


We (DH and self) almost bought McCain’s fries the other day. It was the first time I have seen them at any market near us and mentioned to DH that people on HO have mentioned they are good. We put them back when we noticed that the bag said, “seasoned” and I think something else (maybe restaurant style) that had us thinking that they might be covered with garlic salt which is popular at many restaurants. We would not mind a little seasoning salt but not if it also has a strong garlic salt flavor. I would be interest to know if that is how they are flavored. They had several styles, but we were after the standard fast food sized.

Some of these are Canadian brands

Frozen perogies
Frozen uszka (Polish mushroom dumplings)
Amy’s Dinners (some Mexican ones, some Indian ones)
Indian Life frozen dinners
President’s Choice Mexican Street Corn Fritters
Frozen cevapcici
St Hubert Tourtière
St Hubert Ribs
Shrimp dumplings
Pork and veg dumplings
Fish Pie (used to be Jamie Oliver, now it’s Panache, available at Sobey’s)
Frozen gnocchi
Frozen burek (leek burek from Farm Boy, sometimes spiral spanakopita from elsewhere)
Frozen lasagna/ frozen cannelloni ( I freeze refrigerated lasagna/ eggplant parm/ etc from Eataly)
Frozen samosas
Frozen spring rolls

I recently tried President’s Choice beef kofte and they’re pretty good for a commercially made meatball.
Farm Boy Tempura Shrimp
Farm Boy Coconut Shrimp

I like trying new products.


ice cream


I’ve found those frozen prepared meatballs to be tasty, extremely useful and quick to prepare.
One minute or so in the microwave and they’re ready. Open a jar of Ragu and make a quick meatball sub with them or add them to pasta with that same Ragu & dinner is ready.

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Centerville Pie Company (local on Cape Cod) chicken pot pie with vegetables
Stouffer’s Mac & Cheese
Edwards frozen Key Lime Pie - 2 slice portions (whole pie is good if you have enough people)
Bird’s Eye Steamfresh frozen asparagus spears
Always have frozen peas, French cut green beans, pearl onions
Jimmy Dean frozen sausage patties
Barber Foods raw stuffed chicken breasts - broccoli & cheese in particular
Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches


We keep frozen peas, corn, green beans, and broccoli/cauliflower in the house. They are an easy enough vegetable side when other things are going on. We like the Happy Belly onion rings (Amazon Fresh) now that Ore-Ida no longer makes onion rings for some reason. Ore-Ida extra crispy tots for those occasions that call for tater tots. BF likes the Morningstar vegetable breakfast sausage on egg sandwiches, along with Boca burgers or Red Baron pizzas when he needs to eat quickly and fending for himself. Everything else in the freezer or chest freezer is fish/meat or a stored leftover from a previous meal.


Frozen Spinach


Funny, I never think of frozen vegs as “prepared” food–they’re just raw ingredients with a long shelf life that I can prepare in multiple ways. I thought everyone had a freezer full of these. :woman_shrugging:

The only thing I usually have as “prepared” food are stuffed shells and ravioli–my local supermarket chain (Giant) has a pretty good line (Nature’s Promise). Their shells aren’t as good as my homemade; but homemade is a PITA and both the shells and ravioli are easy and I always have some sort of sauce, bread and salad fixings.

I also always keep a bag of fries and a bag of onion rings for an easy side when the mood strikes. Thanks to another thread on HO I discovered McCains and they are good. (Note to @Rainycatcooks the fries I buy are unseasoned–I’ve never noticed a seasoned product.) For onion rings I like Alexia’s.


Thumbs up on frozen vegetables. No good sources of consistency excellent fresh vegetables near me; frozen are often superior in quality and taste. Can’t grow my own.


Thanks. I’ll keep an eye out for the non “seasoned” ones. I agree. I do not consider frozen vegetables to be prepared frozen foods. If they are considered prepared foods then I need to change my answer to include frozen peas, corn and now that I’m thinking about it, bread. I also freeze plenty of my own prepared meals. I assumed the question was referring to commercially prepared foods like meals and snacks.

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Yes. that was my assumption. I always assumed vegs were standard ingredients to be used when preparing food.

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I don’t buy them very often, but I’m impressed by frozen cheesecake and frozen Portuguese custard tarts, when I’ve had them.

Frozen duck confit, too.


Excluding frozen veg (as I don’t consider them ‘prepared’ in any way either), our household is fond of TJ’s frozen pizza dough, though Aldi’s has gotten good reviews, so we might branch out.

Other than that, Asian dumplings like XLB, various TJ’s products like their spanakopita, flatbreads, Alsatian tart, frozen veg rice, L&W fries … things like that.

I also make a point of grabbing ravs at the Italian market in Philly when I have a chance, and escargots when my fishmonger has them.


Up here, where the McCain’s family reigns (2 brothers, one was the Potato guy, the other was the Maple Leaf Ham/Pork/Hot Dog guy - nasty feud), we have over a dozen McCain’s fry options (regular, curly, waffle, shoe string, wedges, etc) , plus their Tot and hash brown equivalents. The basic fries are unseasoned, but there are seasoned, Cajun, and sometimes some other seasoned potatoes available.


This the bag I buy…