Your best All Purpose Fry Pan

In assembling my home cooking toolkit for induction, I decided on an 11" (28 cm) frypan as a target acquisition, and then went looking. I considered many characteristics, but, after almost a year of searching, I chose the Hestan nanobond:

I even had a catering friend test it out for non induction use:

I’ve now had it for four years, and just used it for my beef stroganoff project in which I seared at 400-500 degrees, sauteed at 250, and simmered at 200. Cleaned up in less than a minute.

Doesn’t have to be most used. What pan of yours is most versatile?



When I went “induction,” I said good bye to my feather weight Revere wear–and narrowed my focus away from aluminum. That left me with cladding, cast iron, and nostalgia for pans I could easily lift and move around.

All Clad alternatives seemed easiest and ergonomic–and I could get bargains on EBAY. They also were presented in non metric measures I could understand–and they were here in the United States. I could call them if I had a question.

But they were awfully “industrial” in appearance. I’ve found nanobond to offer the same “gotcha” attractiveness–and I found one I could steal on EBAY.

I didn’t expect the versatility they represent.


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Hi Ray,

My new favourites are the square Staub grill pan and a plain bottomed 10" Staub frypan.

Just FYI, there is induction compatible aluminum out there. These work very well…

Hi Olunia,

I do have a number of Staub pans that can be used somewhat like a frying pan, but the only single handled one I have is the Staub 11" crepe pan–which has proven to be more versatile than I ever expected. The two single handled Staub pans you have are far too heavy to be easily maneuvered by most of us–and would rank very low on versatility for me.


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Hi Ray,
Yes they are heavy.
I do like the grilled pan and it doesn’t require too much manouvering.
The 10" I use for searing so again pretty stationary.
I like that they can go from stovetop to oven.
I just noticed the title of your thread sorry exciting new toys to me not all purpose pans.

Hi SP,

I meant an aluminum base–like my Revere wear. The patented All clad 3 ply design has an aluminum core inside two pieces of SS, and their d3 is still hard to beat.

For versatility, I hope you don’t consider that Tramontina to be in the game . . .

My most versatile frying pan is my Demeyere 7-PLY 30 cm wok.

Well it’s not really a frying pan, but it can be used for so many things, that I have to call it my most versatile frying pan.

I can sear meat in it and develop fond.
I can stir fry in it.
I can boil noodles and even pasta in it.
I can use it for vegetables sautéing too.
I can use it for pasta dishes too.
I can use acidic ingredients in it.
I can make pan sauces in it.
If I ever deep fried, I could also do that in it.

I own 18 frying pans, 9 sauter pans and 2 woks.
The Demeyere 7-Ply 30 cm wok is my most versatile pan out of all these by far.

If I had to pick a classically shaped frying pan, my most versatile frying pans would have to be my De Buyer Mineral B Pro or Darto carbon steel pans and my De Buyer Inocuivre 2.0 copper bimetal frying pans.


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Cheating a little, but great choice, Claus!

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  • Mauviel stainless steel lined copper 26 cm
  • Le Creuset 22 cm non stick

I use a frying pan as a frying pan - i.e. any sauce based dish or when I need a cover lid will usually be made in saute pan.

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Hi damiano,

What exactly makes them so versatile?

I’ve got a nice domed lid for my nanobond, can use it on gas or induction, and cleans up like nonstick.

Not sure it’s the best at anything–just the most versatile.



Would it be possible at all possible to post a photo of the cookware?
I’m trying to learn more about cookware and would find that very helpful.


Ok so I misread the title.
This is my go to all purpose frypan.
Catering Line Natura ceramic coated, made in Italy, oven safe to 500 degrees F and dishwasher safe.

I like the curved sides which I find to be a bonus.

I was simply pointing out that if you wanted an aluminum (i.e. non-stick) pan for use with induction, they exist.

As for your OP re: “All Purpose Fry Pan”, I guess it depends on what you meant. I have a lot of clad SS (skillet, saute, sauce, and stock), but I don’t “fry” in any of them. My frying is done exclusively in cast iron or enameled cast iron.

If you actually meant an all purpose skillet, I might agree that a 10-12" oven safe, clad SS skillet would be a top contender. While you “can” do most things in one, it can be inconvenient at best with things like eggs/omelettes and shallow frying. So for me, I need at least three (non-stick, SS, and CI).

Hi Ray, when talking about versatility I meant that these pans are able to handle a whole lot of dishes if I’d have a need for a frying pan. There isn’t one dish where I could not use either, if I needed a frying pan.

They also clean up incredibly easy, I can use a lid from another pan if needed, and don’t worry I’ll never go induction unless being forced by the government! :slight_smile:

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Hi Olunia,

Looks like fun to use.


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Hi Ray,

Thanks I do like it and it is a recent purchase after I blackened the interior of my Paderno 12 inch SS pan.
I was trying one of those recipes where they instructed you to dry toast spices and garlic with the skin on in an dry SS pan.
I finally managed to clean it with several rounds of soaking in olive oil, then lemon and hot water finished by using baking Soda.

It is a non stick yet I’m surprised at how much I’m enjoying using it.
I’’m an SS and CI girl at heart so DH was so surprised when I came home with that pan and the Kuradori NS.
It does get discoloured time to time yet doesn’t affect the performance of the pan.