Yay! Pomegranate season is back!!!!

I bought the Can Can brand, which I think is Turkish. I read somewhere that these are commercial grade and are used by juice vendors in that region. These are heavy duty machines, which is great for pomegranate since you do need a fair bit of force to squeeze the fruit cleanly for maximum extraction. When I was doing the juicing using one of the old fashion methods, juicing 1 pomegranate was chore that could take up to an hour. This allows you to extract juice from a whole box in the same mount of time.

EDIT: It’s this one!

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For those in Massachusetts, Market Basket now has its fresh-crop pomegranates from California.

At the suburban MBs I have shopped, pomegranates are in a giant white cardboard box in an aisle of the produce department. Usually available for a few weeks this time of year.


Curious if you’re seeing the pomegranates hit by the inflation bus too at MB. I was at Stop & Shop today and noticed they have them too; they were “on sale” for over $3 a piece. :roll_eyes:

I found them at Costco last weekend and picked up two boxes for myself. Pricier than last year, but better than that S&S sale price.

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Yesterday I paid $2.99 for a large, heavy pomegranate at MB. Though I can’t remember last year’s price, the cost seems higher. Stupid inflation bus seems to be hitting everything.

We get good mileage out of a large fruit like that though. The arils add color and flavor to several dishes until they’re used up: salads, roast squash, or small plates. And even a splash of juice collected from fruit disassembly goes into fizzy water.


I was just about to ask you from your post a couple of days ago if you remembered the cost. I remember several years ago getting them for about $1.50 each. But the trucking supply chain is probably one reason for the increase in cost.


From Granada or Valencia: Granadas = Pomegranates …

We pay between € 2.00 and € 3.00 for a kilo depending where we buy them and where they are from.

Earlier, I deseeded 2 very large, juicy pomegranates purchased from the local Acme market. $5.00 for both. I think we got our dollars worth.


Unless I’m calculating incorrectly, you definitely get better prices then we do in the New England area of the U.S. That’s about $2.50 for 2.25 lbs. in the U.S. Although I guess it depends on how heavy the individual fruit is that you buy here. As @tomatotomato mentioned, they’re individually priced, no matter the weight. So you could spend $2.99 USD for one that was about 3/4 lb. or the same price for one that might weigh 1-1/4 lbs.

But it’s New England…poms don’t grow here. So no matter what - we have to pay for those shipping costs.


I believe 1 Pomegrante here is approx 450 grams to 500 grams per fruit … However, only the seeds are utilised. So, it is alot of exterior … i will weigh them - the next time I purchase … i like in salads …

We are growers … Granada is renowned for their pomegranates (granadas in Spanish) ! The Valencian and also Murcia, are growers too. And other southern Andalusian provinces too …

New England ( I was in Boston and Cape Cod) but it was summer … Humid …
is very frosty and cold …

"Where the grapes grow, the pomegranates grow too " !

Wow … Well I can say, that the fruits here are more or less uniform in size and weight.


I shall be heading over to the Mercat (market) today and checking out the Pomegranates. I go to the same “fruteria” kiosk so I shall ask the gent to please weigh up each separately ! He shall ask me why !

I shall tell him, Hungry Onion is a food forum that I frequent and we are having a conversation about Pomegranates … Spanish verses the differences in the E.E.U.U. (Usa).

He will go into a whole historical and cultural explanation about this fruit too !

Ok, shall report on the average weight of our pomegranates !!!

Have a nice day.


Today, ecological pomegranates were 3.95 €uros per kilo …

And they were in the range of 450 grams per pomegranate.

So, a field green and red violet leaf salad and Pomegranate seeds and Sicilian Green Evoo and Balsamic Vinegar from Modena. Simple and lovely. No fuss !

Debating with myself about sprinkling the seeds on a bed of Scottish smoked wild salmon … and field greens surrounding the Scottish Salmon slices …

I shall see.

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^ This. How I love the combination of pomegranate seeds sprinkled on a salad dressed with balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and flaky sea salt.

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Us too. “Kiss” = “Keeping it simply simple” …

The level of the ingredients are truly bespoken.

An excellent Evoo and a magnificant Balsamic Modena oak aged Vinegar and the field greens and / or lettuces of choice and some pomegranate seeds … and a sprinkle of Basque sea salt ! And all set !

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These looks interesting.


This is different.

This was mentioned in the Slavic thread.

Some versions involve a chicken salad.

As a kid, I loved to eat my way through a sectioned pomegranate. So, I bought some recently, thinking picky Spring Onion might like them, too (he LOVES berries). I gave them to him just now and he said, “at first, it’s good but then the flavor goes away quickly and then it’s crunchy.” But then I had to take the bowl away from him because he stopped eating his dinner in favor of the pomegranate. Makes me happy though - they’re so good and healthy. And he’s willing to try things, which is best of all.


$3.49/each at Wegmans, but they’re perfectly ripe, heavy, red & luscious. Plus one lasts several days for me :slight_smile:

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I’ll link this old thread about Turkish pomegranate tea here.

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