Yay! Pomegranate season is back!!!!

And here’s a nifty little trick to get those tasty little suckers out in no time.

I just deseeded 4 poms in under 2 minutes.


The ones on my tree are almost ready and the waiting is killing me!

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Fresh pomegranates make their oh-so-fleeting appearance here in Massachusetts this time of year. I scored two at Market Basket yesterday during our pre-Thanksgiving grocery run. They sell out fast so I buy them if I see them.

Pomegranate seeds scattered on top of a roasted butternut squash and arugula salad is a seasonal favorite of ours.


Why am I doing this again?


Like beautiful little jewels and make an instant visual impact in any food. Use it in yogurt, oatmeal porridge, salads, braises. Also goes well with fatty meat and game. Check out many middle eastern recipes for more ideas.

I got a bunch and have been adding them to my oatmeal breakfast.


This seems to be a good pomegranite year. Big, gorgeous fruit. We leave them on the tree till they crack, at which point, while less attractive, they are sweeter than when intact.

I don’t eat them. Husband stands on the deck, munches and spurts seeds.

I love the look of then on food but can’t handle the crunch. Same with soft shell crab. I realize I’m missing a lot…


I deseed 4 at a time, using the water bath method. Goes very quickly, little mess and then storing and using is a snap.

this morning, sprinkled in plain Greek yogurt with buckwheat honey.


We didn’t eat the seeds - the fruit around each one, and then the seed goes into another bowl. Lesson in patience. Dad ate the seeds and all, and now I’m more okay with doing that, though the aril by aril penance is tastier.


Does that mean seeding under water, or is there heat involved? I’m thinking it’s the pomegranate molasses that works best for me, but sometimes I mourn the fruit that are literally for the taking around here. Like some of the citrus. Meyers (lemons) on vacant lots! :pensive:a

No heat to deseed. Large glass bowl filled with water. Cut and break apart pomms under water. Seeds pop out very easily with just a tiny bit of pressure. Pith floats to top of water line. Scoop Pith out to discard. Drain water, store pomm seeds in frig.


I use the beating method and eat the seeds whole. No need to store - I can eat two in one sitting.


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