Winter 2020 (Jan-Mar) Cuisine of the Quarter - NOMINATIONS


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GEORGIAN would be my first choice.
Love the idea of NORDIC or SCANDINAVIAN.

USA - a melting pot of flavors and a variety depending on where you came from and where you live from sea to shining sea :us:

i believe I mentioned the following a few weeks ago:





A wonderful and colorful cuisine with amazing fresh vegetables taking center stage, for example, Ratatouile.

Have a lovely holiday season.

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PROVINCIAL FRENCH provides a broad range of flavors and influences. Spanish, North African, Italian, German, Swiss, Belgian, as well as esoteric local specialties and oddities.

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We did that Fall 2017.

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Nominations are done and voting is up! Winter 2020 (Jan-Mar) Cuisine of the Quarter - VOTING


Nordic Cuisine ingredients are extremely hard to find in Barcelona or any other place in Spain, and perhaps the only are Arenques (herrings in jars ) or fresh wild salmon and wild cod.

I’ve only been to Sweden and Finland.
Here too, not particularly easy, especially the herbs. They eat a lot of potatoes, cranberries, buckwheat, fresh herring, meatballs. Herbs you can only find aneth here. Haha, pines, my neighbour has a few dwarf trees, I will cut his trees if needed! (evil smile!!) :shushing_face: :joy: :crazy_face:

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You’ve got saffron in Barcelona. Swedes use saffron and flour in their buns. Some Nordic ingredients can be found in the food section at IKEA, or Polish /Ukrainian stores.

Nordic ingredients aren’t common in Canada, but I know where to seek the ingredients out if I need to find them.

Need some tweaking if cooking this cuisine…

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The Nordic Countries and Canada have similar climates too !

I do not shop in Ikea, for deforestation reasons.

Renée Redzepi and Soren Selin are quite fascinating (Copenhagen). However, this is not our cup of tea for home cuisine.

Have a healthy, successful and happy new year ahead.

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I don’t shop at IKEA, because it’s a frustrating experience. Lidl might also have some Northern ingredients, if you ever need them.

Happy and Healthy New Year to you, too.

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