Winter 2020 (Jan-Mar) Cuisine of the Quarter - VOTING

Hey HOs, it’s voting time for our next Cuisine of the Quarter! Lots of interesting nominations this quarter, so I narrowed the list from the nominations thread a bit to include only one nomination per person and only those we haven’t done recently (Moroccan and (middle) American were covered in 2017-2018 - here is the link to the master list: Master list/links of past Cuisine of the Quarter). Please vote for your favorite by clicking the fork-and-knife icon on the appropriate post below (one vote per HO, please). I’ll leave the voting open until Jan 1. Happy HO HO HOLIDAYS!


Like this post for CHINESE.


Like this post for FRENCH (PROVENCAL).


Like this post for GEORGIAN.

Like this post for MEXICAN.

Like this post for NORDIC/SCANDINAVIAN.


Thanks! @biondanonima

So which cuisine won the election ?

Patience!! French is leading for the time being.


I’m done with sauce making! Juice / broth reduction, with cream and butter, overdosed these few days. I’m having French cuisine of the quarter now!

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So much more to FP than that, altho I’m never shy with cream and butter. Or olive oil. Or garlic. Or cheese. Or calvados, pastis or the many regional crémants.

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Few more days to vote!! No votes for Mexican or Georgian cuisine?


I would have voted for Georgian, which I suggested, but I went with Nordic, since I’m only allowed one vote!

No worry! Just trying to boost the thread up on the home page!! :wink:

Nordic pickles would be fun!

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Looks like FRENCH (PROVENCAL) is our winner by a single vote! Thanks for voting and happy new year!