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@ninkat and I are having a discussion about wine glasses, thought I’d start a topic. we have some 15 year old Reidel Somm and vinum when they were the only game in town. After a bit, we needed a lot of glasses for parties/charity wine tastings my wife ran, so we bought a bunch of (>100 I think) bormioli.

At high end wine tastings, I see a lot of Grassl, Zalto, schott zweizel. Anyone have opinions other than “A mason jar makes a mighty fine wine glass”.


Here’s a saveur article about best red wine glasses:

All of their glasses have one thing in common. The opening is smaller than width of the bowl.

Even though I post my meals on the wfd thread with stemmed wine glasses. Im drinking out of a flat bottomed small glass. There just to tippy for me . If im at a restaurant, sure .Im drinking wine under twenty bucks . I see no need for the fine stemware at home I wish I could.

This is what I have:

There’s only 2 of us and I’m the only one who drinks wine between us. They’re $2.95 a glass and get the job done.

Imho glassware is very important! But then again I’m a bit of a snob… :joy: I have a bunch of Scott Zwiesel at home. Bought them over a decade ago, always in the dishwasher, but they are not the most elegant nor the thinnest. Last year I bought some Schott Zwiesel Diva for my parents and these are nicer than what I have. See for example:

I was looking at NUDE wine glasses the other day, as I really enjoy my NUDE cocktail glassware. I like wine glasses that are elegant, and with thin and clear glass.

So, I have a bunch of stemless wine glasses, and some stemmed glasses that are from my dark ages. There’s a particular shape of glass I always like when I am served in a restaurant. Thinking of getting some “versatile” glasses like that: Looking at Gabriel-Glas machine made/Standard Art glasses, the Richard Brendon/Jancis Robinson “the Wine Glass, and @vinouspleasure has also recommended that I look at Grassi and Zalto (this one I don’t like as well).

P.S. This is not in the “need” department, but in the “it would be pleasurable” to have a stemmed wine glass I like.

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the Grassl wine glasses were offered at a discount on wine beserkers during berserks day, so a lot of people piled in and reviews have been good. Having said that, I haven’t tried one and have noticed a herd mentality on internet forums.

Glasvin has a kickstarted for a less expensive, durable glass:


I used to run regular tastings and always used the ISO glasses: Too small really for parties.

It’s a pleasure to use something like a Riedel Vinum, but at home we have cheap dishwasher safe Paris goblets for everyday use, and also quite a few antique glasses of mixed designs, as it’s just nice to quaff out of something that was first used 100 plus years ago! They’re usually deployed when guests are infesting our house, and they’re not too expensive, thankfully.

Something like this. 200 years old:|tkp%3ABk9SR-CAoJfKYQ

My biggest issue with most new wine glasses is that they are too tall to fit in my cabinets. Bigger isn’t always better for me.

I had a mix of flutes for sparklers as I had a number of breakages, so it was time to buy more, but reasonably-priced. Looking online at Champagne glass recommendations I noticed that the flute is no longer the preferred glass. I saw a recommendation for the “Lehmann Absolus”

On they were reasonably-priced, but shipping was just as much. In any case I got 6 for just under $100, and like them.

The Grassl are adamantly dishwasher safe…the machine made Gabriel-Glas are not. Wonder where I can go look

I like these Ikea 23oz wine glasses, $20 for a sixpack.

I think the main difference between these and much more expensive glasses is that these have a very slight rim bead, while my Spiegelaus* have no bead at all.

  • Twenty years ago, when Usenet was still a thing, an alert went out on that Amazon had mispriced Spiegelau glasses at $25/sixpack. They’re normally $10 a stem. I bought four boxes, and have only broken two so far, one during a vigorous swirling.

My IT students today don’t even know what Usenet is … probably don’t know what Spiegelaus are, either, but that’s understandable.

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Usenet? I’m enough of an antique to have used computers with vacuum tubes, you know those things that were around before transistors. When I mentioned this to a 20-something, the reply was, “Why did computers need suction?”


Lol. I was describing the punch card computer at my college to my students this week. It had a whole building to itself.

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punch cards were a luxury, I started on paper tapes.

why don’t you give chris a shout: , he’s a fellow wine beserker and may be able to hook you up.