Who uses disposable latex gloves for the kitchen?

Only if I’m processing a lot of peppers. I keep them on hand though. I did NOT use them once while processing a half box of “mild” Hatch chiles.

My hands burned for three days.

I use fresh chiles almost daily without a problem, but that was a lesson learned. :confounded:


I Should do that, but it’s so much easier to put two gloves on and take them off later. That little snap off and in the trash makes me me feel better somehow.

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Let me reverse the question. What other good alternatives for working with many peppers - without gloves?

I don’t use gloves in the kitchen, never done so. If I have to cut hot chillies - it is what it is… :slight_smile:

I like feeling fresh produce with my hands.

Also, I don’t understand why gloves are more hygienic than just washing your hands. If I’d use gloves and handle fresh fish, I’d still wash my gloves (hands) under running water before moving on to veggies. What’s the point? :joy: :upside_down_face:


Same, never have, never will.

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Keep your hands away from the cut ends, seeds and/or membranes and when finished, wash your hands thoroughly with Dawn, as it will remove the oils that cause the burning sensation.

And I’m really careful when I pee for the next couple of hours. :woozy_face:


Yep - I use them very often in the kitchen and for many reasons around the house.

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Other than for catering jobs as I mentioned above, I don’t use gloves for hygienic reasons. I use them because of the threat of injury to myself as in cutting peppers, or because the possibility of having my fingers stained for days is very real


Makes sense that Dawn would help to remove hot pepper residue from your hands. Going to try this tip, thanks!


Hi Damiano,

My point in using gloves is based on how I feel about touching raw meat - I don’t like the feeling of it.

Also when I wear gloves when touching raw meat, I rinse my gloves quickly under water first.

If I handle for instance raw chicken with my bare hands, chances are my OCD would let me wash my hands for 10 minutes or even longer. This is why I use gloves. It saves me from having to wash my hands to blood.

To the guys/gals in here, who in another thread claimed I didn’t know what OCD was - well if having to wash my hands for 10-15 minutes after touching raw meat isn’t OCD, what is it then ?

Wearing gloves when handling raw meat and eggs has made it possible for me to work in my kitchen with pretty much everything. So that’s my reason for wearing gloves, when handling raw meat.


I fully understand the aversion to touching raw poultry with your bare hands. I will use a knife and fork to slice boneless skinless chicken breasts sideways for easy chicken cordon bleu. On the rare occasion I roast a whole chicken I rinse with gloves on. But what’s up with the egg thing some of you have mentioned? Curious. Eggs are the least of my worries.

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Eggs = dead cells and matter

That’s why I prefer to handle eggs with gloves on.

But I’ve cracked several 1000 eggs in my lifetime without wearing gloves and I have manage to survive (irony) but if given the chance, I prefer to wear gloves when handling eggs.

OCD is not always logical - that’s why it’s a mental illness.


You can’t fear what you are cooking.

Because if you do, ultimately you’ll never truly enjoy the quiddity of the food you are eating.

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I don’t fear raw meat - I just find it kind of gross…

If I was an undertaker working in a morgue, I would also wear gloves when handling the dead bodies and a surgeon also uses gloves, when doing his work for several reasons.

I’m never going to turn vegan og vegetarian, but they do have a point somewhere in their arguments.

Hey Claus. Just curious. Do you find only raw meat kind of gross? Does it include raw fish? The reason I ask is about sushi.

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Thanks for asking.

I only eat very select pure fish types - like cod, turbot and sole fish (don’t know if that’s the correct word for it in English)

I don’t eat shellfish of any kind (I’m allergic) and I never eat raw fish to safe my life.

How do I look at say a turbot ?
I have double standards here, because I’ve filetted turbot several times and even though I’ve used gloves doing it, I didn’t find it gross - well maye a tiny bit gross.

But there you go… :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Thanks. Much appreciated. That is ok. I am also not afraid of babies, but I find babies gross. :rofl:

(People. It is a joke. I love babies. They are adorable, and I do not wear gloves to hold a baby).


I’m actually a bit scared of babies (please don’t tell anyone) - that’s why I never wanted to have children.

I still look amazed at my wife, when she holds a baby or a child and see how natural it is for her. Me, I’m running away as soon as I see a group of young children or a mother group with a lot of babies :scream:

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Hi Claus,

That makes a lot of sense! In the end, it’s a personal choice for everyone to use gloves or not. If I were working in a fish shop needing to clean fish all day, I’d probably wear gloves too.

I don’t suffer from OCD. Instead, I watched my mum butcher and clean dozens of animals when I was younger (including live ones!) so that was always my reference.


Latex makes my hands itch so I use nitrile. I started using this brand early in the pandemic when glove prices were 3x, price has finally come back down but I like how thin these are, they feel softer and like I have more dexterity than with the nitrile gloves sold at restaurant supply stores.