Who makes the best pancakes in LA?

I just came back from Sunday in Brooklyn and they serve these malted pancakes, which are just ridiculously good. Comes adorned with this Hazelnut Praline sauce, which reminds me of a savory Ferrero Rocher chocolate on steroids.

Any recommendations for really unique, delicious pancakes in LA?


Hi @ipsedixit,

Sounds wonderful! :slight_smile: My favorites that I had in L.A. were the Blueberry Ricotta Pancakes at BLD years ago. While the rest of the menu was so-so at times, those pancakes were so fluffy, moist, creamy.

Doubting Thomas is a small but thoughtful neighborhood cafe in Echo Park. We enjoyed their 7-grain pancakes when we had them the other day. Lots of great malty/grainy notes and something that we would not make at home.

Yes, indeed.

Doubting Thomas is quite the gem.

Their house-made breakfast burrito and biscuits and gravy are wonderful.

I’m going to have to try their pancakes sometime.



Whoever makes the best pancakes in LA, it is not at Larchmont Bungalow.

One word comes to mind: Basic.


Lighthouse Cafe

Lemon blueberry ricotta pancakes.

Dry as cardboard, just as tasty as well.

Hard pass.


It’s been a long time since I’ve had these, but the blueberry ricotta pancakes from Little Dom’s were my absolute favorite pancakes in LA.

(yelp pic)


Hi @Tailbacku !

That looks delicious. :slight_smile: (And welcome to Hungry Onion!)

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Hi @Chowseeker1999 !

I’m not much of a pancake man (prefer waffles and French toast, usually), but I always enjoyed the pancakes at Philippe’s back in the day. I also think I enjoyed the ones at Pann’s when I tried them.


The oat pancakes at Salt’s Cure are pretty fantastic.


I almost forgot to mention, but the cornmeal mochi pancakes at Yang’s Kitchen in Alhambra is pretty darn good. A bit texturally chewy for me (not in a bad way, just a noticeable way), but still quite good. Very fluffy and not dense at all (even though it has no flour or gluten).

Sort of like if a Chinese hand-pulled noodle master were to try to make pancakes, this would be the result.


I know it seems obvious but Du-par’s are crazy good. Can only speak to the Fairfax Farmer’s Market location but they’re excellent. You can also buy (or at least could a few months back) the wet batter ready to go and make at home.

Sorry, no dice.

I can make better pancakes than Du-par’s.

It’s all about dipping it in the clarified butter

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Unfortunately, you’re talking to someone who despises butter in all things, except for a few baked items.

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It’s been a few years since I’ve had it, but I liked the Baked Buckwheat Pancake at Friends and Family in East Hollywood.

I’m not a brunch person, especially since I’d rather save money by making sourdough waffles and pancakes at home, but as I mentioned in the August 2021 Mystery Restaurant thread, I really enjoyed the current pancake dish at Girl & the Goat.

The “PB&J sourdough pancakes” came deconstructed with Peanut butter butter and Strawberry jam maple syrup on the side. It was topped with what appeared to be crushed Peanut butter streusel or brittle. When biting into the fluffy pancake, I was delightfully surprised by having local Murray farm grapes pop inside my mouth.

This dish was very focused on all levels and I’m looking forward to trying other iterations as the seasons change. It came in a stack of 3, but I ate 1 and bagged the rest in my byo containers - made for fantastic leftovers and reheated well.

I also tried the “Little Piggy” Szechuan sausage patty and egg sandwich on cheddar onion biscuit and while I thought every element was well executed, I thought the addition of Hoisin Mayo was a bit much - the Dijon mustard in the mayo was distracting imho (it seems they don’t use this mayo for the version at Little Goat in Chicago).


Do you know if the locations all use the same recipe? I had them at the Studio City location several yrs ago, and they were rather unimpressive (although I admittedly am not a pancake person).

I had some exemplary basic pancakes at some random diner in Medford, OR, a few yrs ago, but I cannot for the life of me remember the name of the place.

Houston checking in. My ideal pancake is good and hot with copious amounts of real butter and a touch of syrup at the end. :pancakes: :pancakes:

It might happen tomorrow. :pancakes: :pancakes: :pancakes:

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