Looks like a slice of cookies n cream ice cream cake and some almond brittle!

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Very close!

That’s Walnut… so a place that serves Cookies & Cream Ice Cream Cake with Walnut Brittle-type concoction? Hm…

Without researching, I’d say Littlejohns Candies in the Fairfax Farmers Market.


Sees Candies?

Please excuse the poor plating by moi. I enjoyed this so much, I’ll be getting it again in a few months.

Unlike some folks, I don’t post about restos I consider duds in this ongoing thread :wink:


Salt’s Cure?

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@ipsedixit - Nope, please try again.

Hint on where this pancake is from - there’s alliteration in its name.

Bea Bea?

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Not Bea Bea’s.

Another hint: it’s not a brunch focused diner.

Craiger’s Fudge in Redondo Beach?

Cici’s Cafe?

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Jumpin Java?

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@ipsedixit and @palmpalm

Another hint: There’s some alliteration in the restaurant’s name, but there are other words as well.

@palmpalm - good guesses re Cici’s Cafe and Jumpin Java, but this place isn’t a breakfast specialist.

BTW - @palmpalm your name is quite alliterative, too :laughing:

Girl and the Goat


Correct, you win! :medal_sports:

My next clue would’ve been something like: Hottest ticket in LA now, I “kid” you not :wink:

I’ll post more detail on the dish in your pancake :pancakes: thread later.

Craiger’s Fudge in Redondo Beach?

Hmm, nope, not quite.

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Market stall in Lima
Credit: TXMX 2