Who makes the best pancakes in LA?

I think they all have different owners so I don’t know if they use the same recipe. I can only speak for the ones at 3rd and Fairfax.

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Well it’s nice to see some newer folks and folks I haven’t seen in a while on this post.

I’m usually a make em at home kinda guy cuz it’s easy and cheap and i have maple syrup which works.

But… I’m not one to flame out Du-Pars on the pancakes, but that really is a horrendous and pricy and time consuming experience there, and they’re not that great.

For ones that are also somewhat pricy but I feel are better and somewhat easier to deal with depending on the time you go, are Joans on Third…$13.50 with blueberries added.



These are better pancakes than I make at home. I don’t keep buttermilk around.

Now corn meal pancakes are another animal i guess but I really enjoy those most – anywhere you recommend to get those around town?

I will say, recently, I think the best pancakes in LA are at “Casa de ipsedixit”. :wink:

whats your thing…miso and peanutbutter here?

making em at home is usually our move. whole family to feed and can’t spend a hundo (or the time) on a mediocre breakfast

things i do at home are cut bananas into little wheels and put them on the griddle first so they get browned on the one side, then pour the batter over them, flip, etc.

peanut butter on top, then syrup,

also find that the jiffy corn bread mix (same with TJ pumpkin bread mix) with a little tweaking makes excellent pancakes and waffles

Yeah, almond flour, miso paste, peanut butter powder and almond milk. And always let the batter rest for at least 30 minutes.

thanks. good point on the resting i agree with that.

… and never over rnix.

Incorporate, but don’t over mix.


we also use hemp hearts…adds nutrition and nice flavor

also fried up apples and cinnamon go well by themselves, also on pancakes.


That’s a new one for me.

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little goes a long way

This simple recipe is better than most pancake houses out there:

Lemon zest and blueberries

Peanut butter powder bit of miso powder

Measuring stuff? Nah.

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That is the best way to measure.

Success ! Next time gonna use more of it. Appreciate the tip !

The peanut butter or the miso? Or both?


Someone mentioned instant coffee as a possible addition …


Give it a go

Prob not ideal for my customers

We put that in chocolate ice cream base, brownies etx