White miso paste, gotta hold of my food brain

The container sat for a week before I opened it. Now, I can’t stop reading about different ways to use it. So far, the addition of white miso to homemade hummus, in a pot of carrot soup, in chciken broth with sliced mushrooms and tofu, thinned with rice wine vinegar as a dressing then basted on pork meatballs, and folded into scrambled eggs have been tried with delicious appreciation.

Please share how you use white miso in your own meal prep.



This one is on the list to try.

good night nurse!!

curious how this would taste. would the miso standout or overpower?

I like to make a variant on this for dinner parties. The leftovers are great with rice and a fried egg, too.

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That sound really delicious and includes everything I like about kabocha! I may have to wait until fall to find one but the recipe looks worth the hunt!

I usually use it as a base for broth for noodles soup…(soba, udon…) on top of that, I add kombu, Japanese rice wine and some vegetables like onion, garlic…can aussi add dried (or fresh) Shiitake mushroom and shimmers.

Or well, you can make miso soup with tofu, with or without seafood.

I guess you are looking for more creative usage.

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I liked it in broth and I added tofu bok choy ginger and lemongrass.

You could easily swap in a similar winter squash like butternut, or acorn squash, or even delicata squash for the same prep


Um, you DO make tahini miso salad dressing already… right?? If not that needs to happen ASAP. The stuff is a total game changer. This one is the ultimate version- although I don’t usually use the olive oil cuz I don’t like the flavor in there and swap in a neutral oil instead. Scroll down to the dressing here- funny enough i have never made the whole recipe as written, mostly because i make bowl meals all the time off the cuff

Or for my every day tahini miso it’s probably 1/4 tahini, 2TB mild miso, a splash of rice vinegar or cider vinegar and a splash of water as i whisk to thin it. Super easy, keeps a while in the fridge. Just shake the jar well before using, might need a little more water or vinegar to loosen it up

And of course the wonderful japanese miso eggplant recipe, it is significantly better with long thin asian eggplants, but small size regular eggplant work too

And miso butter is practically magic, one stick unsalted butter mashed into 2TB white miso. Lots of recipes for miso butter salmon and chicken and such, but it’s mind blowing on mushrooms.

One of my favorite appetizers at this japanese izakaya i love is just sliced cucumbers with a gob of white miso paste rolled in sesame seeds. You just smear a tiny bit of that salty sesame paste onto the cucumber and eat as an appetizer. Crazy delicious.

I most often use white miso to make into a hot savory broth to drink when it’s cold and i want something hot yet savory to drink. (Hot water but not boiling or it kills the probiotics and such that are so good for your tummy)


You’re keeping me busy! Miso butter, oh man!

I make miso butter with Earth Balance (the yellow container original one) and it’s awesome, but real talk it’s probably better with actual butter…

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Nobu’s miso-ginger cod, which works with any firm fish. It a simple recipe that should be easy to find on the web. By the way, miso keeps forever. Ive had a jar in the cabinet for a decade.

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Not in frig? I wondered…

I wonder too.

In fridge, I keep a box for several months, maybe even up to a year, without problem.

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Between the salt and the fermentation, it’s pretty much indestructible.


I do a riff on Sam Sifton’s miso chicken, melting butter with several cloves of minced garlic and whisking in white miso, honey, black pepper, and a touch of rice wine need vinegar. Spread on b/s chicken thighs and roast til done. Very juicy with lots umami.

I love this recipe for salmon.


I have no answers based on experience,but I found these when I had a similar question;


A Guide To The Different Kinds Of Miso, And How To Use Them


Thx, very useful!!!

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