White miso paste, gotta hold of my food brain

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Fantastic @shrinkrap, thank you.

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My wife pulled this out of the magazine as a way to use the white miso. Any suggestions on a healhier swap for the AP flour that won’t ruin the recipe.

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Nice aroma right out of the oven. I used ap flour but I would really like a flour sub.


You can usually swap in half whole wheat and half AP for recipes like muffins and quickbreads without impacting them. All whole wheat often makes it too dense and heavy so don’t try that.


Just saw this on an old Top Chef episode.

Maple Miso Bacon

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Miso strikes me as overkill with bacon already being intensely salty.


I wonder too. But maybe balanced out with the mirin, syrup and vinegar…
The quantity of sauce is targeted for a restaurant? A lot!


Almost made it! Maybe I’ll wait.


One cup of miso sounds insane. Even if it is mild white miso. And definitely enough sauce to make multiple batches…
i know almost nothing about different kinds of bacon, but is there one that is less cured or salty that could work…? Or would using thin sliced pork belly be an option? Dunno.
You could definitely use the mix as a glaze for tempeh bacon :joy: that would be tasty and not too salty!


The cheftestant in question, the widely hated Lisa Fernandes, was using it to glaze a massive amount of bacon for a lot of people. It must have been something special even beyond the list of ingredients because she won the challenge (Ming Tsai was the guest judge) and it was quite a prize. As Dale Talde pointed out bitterly, “she made fucking bacon and she gets a trip to Italy?!?”


I was in our local Japanese store today to pick up some miso. The packaging was different from what I was used to, so I had to read labels to see which was miso. The first two kinds I picked up had admixtures of bonito essence or bonito flakes. I had always thought miso could be used unquestioningly for vegetarian or vegan dishes. Caveat emptor!