Whisks for tin-lined copper cookware

We all know not to use metal utensils in tin-lined copper cookware, and there are many good wood and silicone utensils out there.

Finding whisks that are safe limits one to silicone coated metal whisks or wood ones. Plastic (or nylon) whisks should be avoided according to some manufacturers of tin-lined copper cookware.

I though I would share some wood whisk options that I came across recently.

There are bamboo whisks made in Japan for whisking Matcha green tea:

I found a more robust Matcha bamboo whisk for thicker tea that has only 36 tines, making each time much thicker than the usual 70-100 tine whisk:


I also found a flat 12" wood whisk made in the US from a single piece of wood:


Though I have ordered all of the above, I have yet to see or use them. Does anyone have any experience with such utensils or have other suggestions to consider?

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You might try these: http://www.dobynsandmartin.com/everythingelse.htm I’ve had good luck with the bent cane version. Fantes used to carry it.


Thanks for the info, I use silicone whisk but must be very careful. These look so much better!

Isn’t the answer dependent what you are prepping…?

These whisks are clearly good for tea but won’t help emulsification or build up the air like a balloon whisk.

I have used the really cheap silicon coated wire whisks from IKEA for years and they seem to last forever and never cause problems in my pans (non-stick not tinned).

Thanks Kaleo. Fante’s has no wood whisks online, but I saw this interesting silicone whisk on their website for making sauces:


You are quite right, but I think that the bamboo tea whisks with thicker tines will work well for making beurre blanc in small quantities in a 1 QT tin-lined copper saucepan. I will post some pictures of the experiment after the whisks arrive…

Cool website.

I made some beurre blanc last night with the BCC 1 QT saucepan using a bamboo matcha whisk with which to whisk in the butter, and it worked like a charm:

The whisk that I used is the first one shown in my original posting up top.

Cool. No damage to your pan, I assume.

Not at all, the whisk feels very soft and gentle, and almost a little delicate despite being tough enough for there job. The tin lining is totally unscathed.

bamboo matcha whisk?
where did you buy and ow much?
Just bought myself a windsor tin lined copper sauce pan, newly tinned, ECT
2.5 mm 5 pound 8.75 inch diameter
Would like to purchase a whisk before i use it

See links at beginning of thread…

Toronto 416,

  1. Is this not too short for a windsor sauce pan that is 3.75 inch tall? would that not make your hand too hot while whisking?
  2. How sturdy is the 54 gms that you have?
    Amazon.ca will not ship to US
  3. I wrote to the company that sells the more robust matcha black bamboo whisk, namely the chosen one which would be $44 plus . She does not recommend it for anything other than for matcha tea. So, I am reluctant to spend that $ until I am sure . Still researching as to which Matcha whisk to buy so I can use my sauce pan without damaging it. Almost at the point of buying an oxo silicon balloon whisk. What made u decide to use a matcha whisk? Research ? I could not find anything googling
  4. FANTES no longer carry the bent birch whisk Kaleo recommended , also afraid it might not last long.

What made me decide to use a matcha whisk in a tin-lined saucepan? A simple matter of connecting the dots on seeing one in the flesh and thinking what an excellent solution this could be.

(1) A matcha whisk works very well for smaller volumes such as when making beurre blanc in a 1 or 2 QT saucepan.

(2) You should search Amazon.com for ‘matcha whisk’ and you will find inexpensive whisks:



These may not be robust enough for long-term use.

(3) The thicker whisk that I purchased from Japan is much more robust than the ones above, and it will last a lot longer. You should not be surprised that the Japanese person selling items for traditional tea ceremony use is silently horrified by the concept of her whisk being used to make beurre blanc. Just do it - it’s called thinking outside the box.

After reading this thread I purchased and have been using an inexpensive matcha whisk. Yes, I wish it had a longer handle because of the heat issue. May order one of the bent bamboo whisks in link provided by Kaleo. But have been meaning to purchase a woven hot mitt so that make take solve the problem.

It seems to work as well as a balloon whisk for aerating. Mine came with an attractive ceramic stand to preserve the tines.

I found the longer handled ones, black and purple ones at EBAY
however, when I was researching , I was informed that they are only good for about 10 uses from someone who apparently is well versed with matcha tea Reasonable, made in China though. I prefer Japanese wood work.

Long handled purple matcha for 12.99
eBay item number:302309545500

Here isa another one from EBAY, a long handle black for $15.99
Item # 311525121625

The fact that it is only good for 10 uses ( for making tea) discourages me
I also do not know whether the number of tines is important, as the ETSY seller discouraged me from using it for making sauce. How many times have u used y ours? You may be right, they are horrified that we are thinking outside the box.

So, it you want to try them, let me know and I will wait before I order any silicone balloon ones. I was leaning on OXO but cannot decide which length is best for my 4.75 height sauce windsor sauce pan.

I’ve used the bamboo whisk maybe 7-8 times? Less than one dozen. Not much visible wear and tear.
I have silicon whisks that seem softer than wood (although of course not as soft as the bamboo). Was surprised to see they are not compatible w/tin lined copper So far no damage to my copper. But I have not whisked anything too vigorously, I guess.

was that a typo? compatible with tin lined copper is what you mean?
I hate to be shopping , and want something that will last.
ave not used my windsor yet , so, no rush to buy
I will research some more, perhaps wait for someone who has used the matcha for longer period of time.
I wander if I can find a stand for a long handled matcha?
thanks .

Whoops thanks for catching that.

The matcha whisk really advances reduction time., IMHO. I think it’s worth trying a mitt with it for a few minutes.