Where to buy a heritage turkey in the Bay Area

Since I can’t go back East to my family for Thanksgiving, I’ll be cooking Thanksgiving dinner for the first time in my life. I’d like to get a heritage turkey if possible; does anyone know if you can place orders for them now, and if so where? There’s only going to be 2 or possibly 3 people eating it, so a small bird is needed or even just a breast. Thanks.


It says sold out on the website, maybe give them a call?

Pretty sure Bi-rite has them too. Give them a call to see how you can preorder.


Good idea, about the breast. I did TG for two last year, and did the breast, p,us some wings for Turkey stock.

They are free range, not heritage, but Willie Bird Turkeys are out of Sonoma, and Brannigan’s out of Winters, and you can order them at local stores.


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I’ve ordered mine in the past from Farmer Joe’s market in Oakland. They had several suppliers and variations (and price points) of organic/heritage, etc.

Or, Victorian Farmstead Meats https://www.vicfarmmeats.com/product-category/turkey/
They deliver to several Bay Area farmers markets, where you’d pick up your order. I’ve gotten other meat from them, though not their turkeys, but I know they’re taking orders now.

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Thanks everyone! I just placed an order with Victorian Farmstead Meats, because of the farmer’s market pickup option and because they still had smaller turkeys.

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I’m glad that BN Ranch has heritage turkeys available again. I couldn’t find them locally the last couple of years after they were acquired by Blue Apron.

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Last Thanksgiving our heritage turkey was phenomenal. So good! We got a 9 pounder and it was just me and my husband and a few days after thanksgiving it was completely devoured. But we forgot where we got it from! My husband finally remembered we got it from the Fatted calf at Oxbow in Napa. They have Good Shepherd Ranch Heritage Turkeys. They are not listed on their website but you can call them to order. We just placed an order for ours. We will make like last year, spatchcocked and roasted with coconut milk and Thai red curry paste and spices.

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