Thanksgiving for two?

The “Do you like houseguests in your kitchen” thread reminded me that I am neither traveling to, nor having anyone in my kitchen for Thanksgiving. I’m doing Thanksgiving for two, when I am usually traveling to the MIL’s kitchen, helping her do it for 30+!

My sister is doing it for five, with husband and three adult sons. This is not new for her, but she recently had arm surgery and is hoping to tone it down.

I saw an old episode of Iron Chef America with a Thanksgiving theme, and the idea was to get the flavors and traditions, with something new, and without all the time.

I also found this;

Thanksgiving Dinner Menu for Two

And this

8 Smart Ways to Enjoy a Thanksgiving for Just Two


Thanks for starting. As I said in the other thread, in France there is no Thanksgiving culture, I look at the recipes, they are very close to the Christmas dishes here. The dilemma is Christmas time, we’re always travelling to visit in the inlaws and my role is more passive and just to help MIL with the preparation, but she is the one to design the menu.

This is the first time I heard of Thanksgiving for 2, so I will probably participate! One of the biggest challenge is mister N hates turkey (dry and tough). So I’ll have to look at alternative dishes or other birds.

The pork or salmon looks like good suggestions.


I would love a relaxing Thanksgiving meal for two! My extended family may never adjust to that idea but I do daydream occasionally. If it was up ONLY to me…

The menu would probably be a simple tray of sliced turkey breast meat and two large turkey legs
Mashed potatoes and roasted whole sweet potatoes
Basic Stuffing…just a touch of celery and onion
Roasted B sprouts olive oil s&p
A boat of gravy
A tossed green salad to start
Pumpkin mousse and coffee

One day…a simple feast with my lady.


More sites for brain storming…

Southern Thanksgiving recipes


Hmm…I think seven dishes. I just “dared” my sister to keep it to four, but maybe gravy, salad, wine and desert shouldn’t count.

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I HAD to start with the Serious Eats/Kenji article. Thanks!

It will just be a few of us this year, but I’m not changing much. Instead of a whole turkey I’ll roast a large turkey breast. Dressing, green bean casserole, sweet potato’s, corn casserole, cranberry sauce and rolls. We don’t do fancy here. I like the leftovers that night more than anything else🙂


Agreed. I’m usually a little irritable at serving time, but ready to snack several hours later.


As I posted on the main Thanksgiving thread below, it is just the 2 of us, and we plan on having a ’Crabsgiving‘ courtesy of Costco. Mrs. P doesn’t like turkey so I will have to force myself to pig out on Dungeness crab and King crab legs :yum:


Counting down! These are cooked and sent to the local Costcos, right?

Making a Thanksgiving day leftovers sandwich is the only way to roll the next couple of days. Oh yeah.

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Yes they are already cooked. You can eat them as they are or just steam them and have them with the PSTOB :grinning:

Good idea! I can’t remember the last time I did Thanksgiving in the N. Cal Bay Area, but in good times of yore, it was usually the start of the crab season

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Naf, I know it’s not close, but if you’re up for a daytrip to the region parisien, this ferme raises wonderful turkeys. They’re still a little small at Thanksgiving but for two, that’s not a problem. The ferme is all bio, and the family is super friendly. We bought our birds from them when we lived in the Seine et Marne


Thanks, I’ve checked, it’s 100km from where I live, I need 3.5 hours one way with local train. Incredible how local transport are so inefficient compared to the fast train. With the same time, I can go to the other part of France, say Marseille, incredible. But I will keep an eye with the name of the 2 farms, probably can find that in Paris or with a salon.

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Turkey for two… and leftovers too.

We have been going to my husband’s cousin’s house for T-day the last few years. It’s a great opportunity for all the young cousins to get together. Plus it was once the grandparents‘ house and is filled with memories. But! I miss having leftovers. So, last year I also made a mini T-day meal for home.

Turkey Thighs Roasted Low & Slow / Apple & Bacon Wrapped Herb-butter Stuffed Turkey Breast

Lemon Juice & Peel, Black Pepper, Urbani Truffle Salt


Breast & Kerrygold Garlic Herb-butter


Check out the Turkey Skin in the back. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sprinkled w/Smoked Paprika & Poultry Seasoning

Gotta’ Have Gravy


Oh dear, no, you’d most definitely need a car, as its an actual farm, just at the edge of Guercheville, which is barely big enough to even be called a village.

Its quite remote, even if you do have a car! I wonder if you rang them if they might be able to deliver somehow. I seem to recall that they do sell at local marches, but I dont recall which ones.

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That looks very good! Love your turkey.

Was that an apple crumble you in the light blue dish?

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Just wrote to them and wait for their reply. starts 29 Nov this year, lol! I’m sure to find some great birds from local farms there. Unfortunately the French calendar addresses only to Christmas.

I’m sure you can find some great birds in Paris, more €€€ than directly from fermes. Actually even supermarket these days they have an incredible choice of label rouge birds, I have a Metro near my home, they even have Bresse chicken, I need to remember to renew my card.


Wow!! What a feast for the eyes and stomache.

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