Where do you keep your frying pans?

We were having what started as an innocent topic of my local forum, and turned into a pot bubbling over.
A husband, who doesn’t cook, started bitching and moaning about how his wife stores the cooking implements, and especially storing frying pans in the oven. :slight_smile:
For reasons I still have not figured out, this hub was offended by them being there.
My family, since I was a wee one, always did this, so I was amused.
Turns out almost everyone had a opinion positive or negative.
Personally, I never let my mate run the kitchen since I was the cook, including where stuff is stored.
So where do YOU store your frying pans?

I’ve stored them in the oven when I had very small kitchens with few cabinets. The problem was always where to put them when I needed to use the oven!

My current kitchen is larger. Now the frying pans live in a lower cabinet close to the stove. They cohabitate with the pots, roasting pans and cookie sheets.


Mine live in a lower cabinet next to the stove. They are just stacked on top of one another (it’s the messiest cabinet I’d guess). I don’t store things in the oven only because I forget to take them out when I go to preheat the oven - though maybe if I grew up storing things in the oven I’d be less likely to do that.


I don’t like to leave pots/pans/baking sheets in the oven because I rarely remember it is in there before pre-heating. Then I have a smokin’ hot pan and 10 out of 10 times I have burned myself navigating around it.


The couple we bought our home from designed a very practical kitchen. There are four wall pantries with custom interior shelves specific to storage type. We didnt even realize this until we moved in. The oven at that time also had a small side storage area to fit baking sheets. When we replaced that oven with a more modern one we lost that kind of space. But because of the pantry layout we use them to store everything both food stuffs and kitchen supplies.

If our kitchen was smaller, we would use all space avail including the oven to store things but I dont think its optimal since like rearranging anything it usually means I over bought.


They live in the pan cupboard. I’m not sure what other use a pan cupboard might have.

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The cast iron lives on top of the stove, there’s often a small saute dirty in the sink, and the rest go in the drawer under the oven.

I don’t see why a non-cook would have such a strong opinion. Is he secretly making late-night nachos and hates having to remove and replace the pans?


I need most of them hanging in sight and love this ‘slatwall’ they hang on is perfect. Long ago I lived with pegboard and loved having everything out to choose from. My kitchen designer/sister insisted on something more modern and of course she was right and it looks great. There’s another wall of it in the pantry and I wish I had it in the garage as well.

That was the subtext of the thread.
Male/female relationship stuff. He only ate, didn’t cook but had a Fred Flintstone boss of the House mentality. My kids and I wouldn’t allow my wife in the kitchen!


Immediately below our 5 burner gas cook top on a sliding shelf…All was custom made when we replaced our kitchen after a fire in the house in 2008!


For the past 15 years we’ve had the pictured hanging rack in the three kitchens we’ve had over that time. I suppose this is easier to do since the pots and pans are relatively clean looking and many from a single All-Clad set.


a bunch below our stove top in a cabinet with two pull-out shelves, my favorite, most-used ones on a mounted wall shelf/rack the BF recently put up for me, after a couple of years of nagging… i love that thing!

Oh, and I do store my cast iron pan in the oven.




My heaviest cast iron skillets live in the drawer under the stove. Non-sticks that I reach for often are on a lower shelf to the right the stove.

I love this - I wish I had an appropriately-placed wall in my kitchen to do this! Right now mine live in a lower cabinet next to the stove, but I am hoping that when I eventually remodel, I’ll be able to hang them from a center fixture over the island.

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I have one of these in the cupboard where my pans are stores. My only regret is not buying it years ago


I store my fry pans either in a cabinet or on a cookware rack.

That doesn’t look like it would hold cast iron successfully.

I purchased this rack from a restaurant supply store for around 100 dollars. I made the butcher block top myself (also for about 100 dollars). I love it. So do my guests.


Beautiful. Do you use the cutting board on top?

I have one of these in my kitchen, it’s at least a foot taller than I am and I could not live with out the easy access,front and right side , it provides. It belonged to DH before we met. Yours looks as if it could be built up!