When the cook gets in the way of the cooking show.....

Agreed. He talks in a very loud, halting manner. Plus is his show a travel show or a cooking show??

I’ve acquired a new one, also courtesy of Create.
Mike Colameco, who must be related to Vic, personifies everything people inhabiting the rest of the planet detest about NY’ers.

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I love his show, for the most part. I have a bucket list of NYC places that I got from his show. Although, I can’t stand some of the talking. Just show me the food. Went to Cherche Midi last week - saw it on his show.

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I like Colameco, too, in a New York City kid kind of way. I wish he would dress a little better though when out in the field.
By the way, is his show still running?

Sundays, PBS 2:30 or 3:30, I can’t remember. I DVR it so I don’t have to remember!

The food looks fine. He is, to me like a bizzaro world Bourdain, or maybe DT hosting a food show. I’m seeing it now so maybe they pull out reruns.
He had a mobster suit, no tie, and pocket handkerchief, in this episode.
Destinations interesting. Just rubs me the wrong way.

I can see that. Did he have the pony tail or was his hair short? When he had the long hair, sometimes he left it loose which really was a bit nauseating when he was interviewing restaurant kitchens.

Oh my. Short hair. I can’t imagine a ponytail.

Yup. But down it was awful!!!

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I’ve always had a hard time watching Alton Brown. I respect his knowledge, but I don’t like the buffoonish persona he adopts. Dancing monkey television.

I absolutely adore Padma.


So does Padma!! But seriously, I recently re-watched 10 seasons and Padma is so much better than the host of the first season, Katie Lee.


+1 on Giada so over-pronouncing Italian words! Just makes me cringe & DH too (he’s full blooded Italian). Don’t really watch these shows much anymore but still love Lidia Bastianich… Also +1 on Joanne Weir, makes my skin crawl!

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+1 on Giada so over-pronouncing Italian words!

Can’t stand her. I once heard Bobby Flay making fun of the way she pronounces Italian foods. It was hysterical!

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Just caught Colameco in French wine country on PBS, I believe a more recent episode, and he looked clean shaven and was wearing a suit jacket and white shirt even while walking thru the vines. Thankfully, he just wore one of his tasteless tee shirts once.

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I just saw the Jazzy Vegetarian on PBS and I think Laura Theodore needs to be added to this list. Both she and her “recipes” were absolute trainwrecks. Flax seed tortilla chips topped with raw green peppers and vegan “cheese,” then shoved in the oven, are NOT nachos.


Now see, I haven’t experienced any of the old school Colameco episodes.
But when one googles " Mike Colameco douchebag" a pretty funny reddit thread comes up that covers all “chefs”.
Did he have a tie on in the vineyard episode?
Yum is not something I usually say.

She is without doubt the most loathsome of the PBS cooks but I omitted her from my list because my subject was intended to be shows whose content is ruined by the host. In the case of JV, the food itself is also appalling. Her mantra is always along the lines of “what would cornbread be without corn?”. Then there’s the scat-singing, for which she has no talent at all.


Well, I’m actually a big fan of the Jazzy V.
Why? you ask - there is not one other show on tv that I can do the funky cabbage with. Seriously! Who can I get funky with?


Oh wow was that weird :confounded:


WOW~ I’m rather speechless. That was bad.