what's your snack?

Snack may not be as significant as our meals,
it adds that spice/sweet to our daily routine.

Let us share how we snack, it can be packaged snack foods,
processed foods, or made from fresh ingredients at home.

I create my own trail mix.

I pan fried the raw nuts I got from whole foods bulk
department, using cast iron, without anything, no salt,
the nuts are good quality, they have very nice natural flavor.

I normally get the following varieties:
organic cashew nuts

  • produced from Brazil (they did not specified in the bulk, but the people work there told me)
    It has this light sweet, creamy taste

organic walnuts - produce from Hollister, Ca
They are small, not so good looking, but very crunchy, good flavor

organic California almonds - produced from Ca
They are big in size, have very good complex flavor

organic Chinese pumpkin seeds

I add some dried fruits:
Dried peaches/apricot/nectarine from frog hollow

Golden raisins from Hunza valley from whole foods - like the ones I ate when I was young, imported from XinJiang, so good.

I have been eating the similar format for more than two years, and I still like it,
but I am looking for ways to refine my snack, and possibly add more varieties.

What is your snack?

Pretty much most of the time, it’s TJ’s mild cheddar sticks.

And popcorn. Always popcorn. Stove-top - natch.

I’m all about the multigrain melba toast lately. Everything is good on it- jam, veggie cream cheese, hummus, pb, garlic bean dip, nice thin slice of sharp cheddar…

Popcorn, cashews or Lay’s salt and vinegar kettle chips.

Triscuits (hint of salt) and cheese. Not a fan of the flavored triscuits.

Tinned sardines on Triscuits with squeeze of lemon, a little red onion and some parsley.
roasted peanuts
cottage cheese with finely chopped cucumber mixed in with a tiny splash of soy sauce
canned peas - not kidding, I LOVE them with a little butter, salt and tons of pepper. lightly mashed
avocado toast
hummus and celery
pickled eggs when I have them around

I adore the sweet onion/sweet potato/brown rice Triscuits but their flavor/saltiness is a tad intense. So I intersperse bites of four TJ’s 12-grain crackers with nibbles on a singleTriscuit. This is a bit awkward, expecially if cheese is involved, but for me, the taste is perfect that way.

I eat 12 raw almonds daily (read that roasting decreases the health benefits of nuts), in combination with a few dried cherries or sweetened dried cranberries, and 4 TJ’s chopped dark chocolate baking bits. This will do a good job sating hunger headaches/ pangs.

And, of course, a piece of fresh fruit every day.

I always have grapes at hand.

When craving salty, I usually head for peanuts. I like to have a box of those individual bags of Planters in the pantry (that way, I know I’m never eating more than an ounce or so).

For serious, sit down snacking it’s red pepper hummus with a toasted pita.

ETA: Oh, and there’s always a good bar of chocolate around so I can break a square off after dinner. Currently working on a dark chocoalte and sea salt caramel.

BJ’s Wholesale Club makes a pretty good trail mix of peanuts, cashews, raisins, M&Ms, and almonds.

Otherwise, it’s bagel crisps with Presidenté or other spreadable garlic & herb cheese.

And about twice a year, it’s Cheddar Goldfish. :smile:

Pistacchiosa! This is my third jar since the summer, and quite honestly, I’ve not shared much of it. Started eating it on little crackers, then figured, why do I need crackers when I have a spoon?


That sounds amazing! Where do you get it?

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I originally bought it at a local tea purveyor, but found a better price online at Market Hall Foods. Even with shipping, it was a better deal to buy online. I guess I should’ve bought four jars instead of two! HA HA!

Macadamia nuts, fresh mozzarella balls, Cabot cheddar sticks, Armenian string cheese, usually.

When I could eat almost nothing due to weird food reactions, a surprisinglydelicious treat was puffed rice thin with mascarpone, peanut butter with just a teensy bit of maple cream…

That does sound amazing. I wonder what else it would be great on… steamed or roasted potatoes?

Green beans? Grilled salmon?

Dammit. Want.

ETA: Funny, the only applications suggested on the website are sweet…

There’s a hyooge assortment of Pistachio spreads, creams, pastes on amazon… from sweet to salty to just plain pistachio meal… head spinning.

Must lie down.


Fried eggplant slices sprinkled with sea salt
Lay’s Limon Chips
Hard boiled eggs with habanero sauce
Avocado with lime juice
Raw tamarind (I love sour!)
Sri Lankan fish cutlets

I wish you could see how big my eyes got while looking at the picture of Pistacchiosa!!! MIND OFFICIALLY BLOWN!


@thechez5 - you had me at Sri Lankan fish cutlets!!! Do you make them yourself?!

I started curing and drying duck breasts in my fridge for a few months now - I’m on my third one - so it’s always nice to have a quick, savory treat on hand. It’s especially fun experimenting with the cure, e.g., longer or shorter, different herbs and spices.

I’ve also been addicted to seaweed tempura snacks. The only good ones are from the Hong Kong Aji Ichibans. Why they only sell them there and not in the US outlets is beyond me.

And finally, meat sticks from Smucker’s in Reading Terminal Market in Philly.

I guess my tooth has become more salty than sweet in recent times.

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I would love to learn more about your curing process and experiments. Would you consider starting a thread about it? I’m sure others will be intrigued as well!

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