What's your guacamole recipe ?

How do you make your guacamole? I don’t make it that often, but it’s that time of year . Having some friends over this weekend for the playoffs . I was just looking at a Rick Bayless recipe . Recommends only 1 1/2 tbsp. of lime juice for every three avocados used . He also roasts the peppers a little bit ( jalapeno and serrano ). Any way having carne asada tacos garnished with cilantro and onion , chips and guacamole . What’s your recipe ? Thanks

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Chunky avocado (mashed lightly with a serving fork); chopped garlic, seeded tomatoes, red or green onion, jalapeño, cilantro, lime juice, and some hot sauce… all to taste. CHUNKY is very important to me. Don’t like really whizzed up guacamole.

The overall flavor of guacamole is highly influenced by whether or not the avocado is flavorful. It can sometimes have little flavor and I’ll add some cumin and possibly some horseradish to liven it up.

I’ve recently been OK starting with made-on-premise guacamole, from our local Albertson’s market, when I don’t have any ripe avocados. It’s really fresh and I add more cilantro, onion and tomato. It’s usually spicy enough but not as chunky as I like it.

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I’m a chunky fan too. We use lime juice, red onion, garlic, olive oil, salt & pepper for the ‘sauce’. Fresh coriander goes in and some tomatoes are added mainly for colour. No real recipe, it’s all done to taste.

For us it’s about a good texture and the balance between the lime and salt. I like it when the lime and salt hit the point where it makes your mouth water.

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Chunky avocado, lime juice, very finely chopped red onion (if I have it), cilantro, salt & pepper. Maybe shake in some Tajín seasoning to give it a kick and jalapeño or chipotle hot sauce to taste.

Or, if I’m very lazy or if avocados are super expensive (or crappy), a package of Trader Joe’s “Avocado’s Number” guac.


I do it by taste/feel, and the amounts of everything vary depending on the size and quality of the avocados. That said, the usual ingredients are finely chopped onion, mashed garlic, chili powder, lime juice and salt. Sometimes I add a little finely minced jalapeno or serrano chile if I want it spicy. Chopped cilantro if I have it. NEVER tomatoes.

If the avocados are less than perfect (a sad fact of life in the north!), I add a little bit of mayonnaise, which adds the unctuous mouthfeel that a really good, ripe avocado should have (added bonus - it keeps the guac green longer!). I use a fork and mash it by hand, so it has some texture without just being a bowl of chopped avocados.


I go by taste. I can get small avocados here ( the size of a tennis ball) and huge avocados that are about 8" long (one of the benefits of living in So. CA - avocados everywhere) So I don’t go by number of avocados.

Mash the avocado with a fork. Add in finely chopped red onion, minced Serrano or jalapeño (we like our guac with a kick), and mash a little more. Then add fresh lime juice and a good amount of salt and a couple pinches of ground cumin. Mix and taste. This is when I adjust the lime and salt because it’ll depend on the avocado you used.

I’ve been getting some surprisingly good avocados here in Boston lately. (Wegman’s Burlington last week- 4 pack for 3.99, all 4 perfect). However, tomatoes are another story. So I’ve taken to fork mashing one avocado with 1 heaping tablespoon of jarred salsa, adding 1/2 lime’s worth of juice and salt to taste. It’s a little unconventional, but it’s quick and the jarred salsa honestly has better flavor than any supermarket tomatoes. I’ve also used a jarred green salsa from Mrs. Renfro’s that is surprisingly hot and while monochromatic, makes a nice guac.

8" avocados??? Yikes!!! At a market or from your own tree?

Why NEVER tomatoes? I squeeze out the juice and seeds so they don’t water down the guacamole but they add some color and texture.

Funny our “recipes” are the closest, however I like my quac to me silky smooth, I do not like it chunky.

I’m just not a big fan of raw tomatoes and I prefer my guacamole to be mostly avocado. I don’t think they do anything other than dilute the avocado-y goodness!

I only stared adding tomatoes recently, when I only had a few avavadoes to start with and I had some left over bruschetta I just mixed them! Viola! A delicious combination was born

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Fair enough. I guess my guacamole winds up around 85-90% avocado by volume.

-one avo diced and lightly mashed
-one small plum tomato, small dice
-1/4 cup sweet onion, small dice
-small handful of bacon (if I happen to have)
-squirt of Sriracha
-dash of chili powder
-juice of a lime
-sea salt
-mix’er all up

I think I vary it a little each time depending on what I can find.

Usually 1-2 avocados, lime juice, lots of grated garlic (on a microplane), cilantro…if available, shallots or a bit of red onion, and of course finish with salt and pepper. I have tried diced tomatoes, with seeds removed, and I don’t like the texture. I prefer smaller chunks of avocado (1/2 inch cube at most) otherwise, I find it overwhelms the chip. But I don’t want it too smooth either. I love spicy, but prefer to keep my chilies separate from the guac.

Coworker has a 30 year old tree. One of his avocados makes about 2.5 cups of guacamole!

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8" avocados are usually “Florida” avocados. What I grew up on. Watery in flavor and texture but I’ve used them on occasion when the Cali ones were green or over ripe

Tajin has been my new guacamole secret ingredient since I picked up a jar of it last month.

The way we made it growing up (in LA with avocados from our back yard) usually was just mashed avocados, salt, and black pepper, sometimes chile powder. Sometimes fresh chopped chiles. This is how everybody we knew made it. By the time I was in high school it was more common to add some kind of pico de gallo as well , meaning chopped tomatoes and onions. This is how I still would usually make it, but I’ve used cooked salsas as well as curry mixtures and all kind of other things. It’s pretty versatile really.

One thing we NEVER used was lemon or lime juice. I never had it in guacamole anywhere in Mexico either, but I haven’t been there in about ten years so things may well have changed. Still I don’t see what function it has other than keeping the avocado from turning brown - the citrus taste is jarring to me. Even if Rick Bayless DOES use it I don’t think I’m going to change my mind on this one.

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I decided not to add lime after reading your post . I don’t even like limes . Rick Bayless , who cares . That’s why he said use very little .

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