What's for Lunch 2015 - 2016

I made a mess of the ham as I was removing it from the package. Salami with chanterelles is from Belgium.

Nice salami


Is the Brebicet similiar to Brebiou cheese? One of my faves. Your lunch plate looks awesome.

I would think pretty similar in looks and taste (it’s been a while since I had Brebiou). If I see Brebiou I’ll have a side by side tasting. Thanks for the idea.

The velvety, pillowy rind and the inside is so soft and rich but then “tenderly” so. Below is the lable. It appears to have been renewed. I think it was brown before.

Today…leftovers morphed into bubble & squeak (and a couple of slices of ham)

All of your plates look fantastic!

Lentil soup for me today.

Celery soup, followed by the leftovers from last night’s fish pie & salad.

Do you have a recipe for celery soup? Just the idea of that sounds wonderful.

I always eat my herrings on friday afternoon, and very rarely with deep fried cod as well. Only had it because it was free (I get coupons and save them for this free portion of cod once in a while).

Had to wait til the cod cooled down enough to eat, seen here next to my 3rd herring. It was a big fatty lunch. Herrings are still tender and tasty, must be from the last batch early this month when the weather was still mild.

So there you go, this is 2 of the most typical market snacks here.

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Not really. Soup is one of those things we make for the freezer, when we’ve got too many vegetables and they’ve passed peak condition. In this case, we chop onion and the celery and soften it in oil and butter. Stock goes in - we also make chicken and ham stock for the freezer, but this was actually a veggie stock from bouillon powder. Needs seasoning (although not salt if we’ve used ham stock) and dried herbs (whatever takes the fancy). Simmers for 20 - 30 minutes. Goes into processor to be blitzed but then needs passing through a sieve as you never seem to be able to properly blitz the celery stringy bits. Soup is just one of those really easy kitchen jobs that leaves you feeling really homey - and smug.

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Kind of a late brunch today… bacon & egg cup. Like a baby version of a Strammer Max, but with bacon. Nice.


The little flags are so charming!

Yucky rainy day = soup weather
Strangely my market had some good looking romas, so i made this hearty tomato soup and had a big mug for lunch, then more of it for dinner. Delicious, will definitely be a repeat

Nice! Eggs are looking perfectly soft. I have Frühstückspeck. Gonna make Strammer Max in a bit (always without cheese for me).

Some fishmongers have only little plastic forks but this one has both forks and toothpicks with flags. I have some at home, too.

My lunch is a bit later today as I have run out of soft French cheese (gasp). Sending my partner to the store for Langres, and only til I have cheese in the house lunch can commence. It is irrational to feel insecure when I have no cheese in the house.

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Wait… you can’t have lunch without cheese in the house, but have your Strammer Max without it?

Blasphemy! '-)

Sorry, it was confusing. I waited til the cheese arrived then I made the full lunch.

Also made Strammer Otto (with thinly sliced roast beef).

Your lunch are really interesting. Thanks for sharing! Great photos too! I take time in making dinner, lunch since I’m solo, either it’s leftover dinner, either something like pasta or salad…something quick so to get back to work.

Impressed by this meal. But you can’t eat all this alone! That’s a lot!

It’s a lot for just us two but we often incorporate lunch lefovers into dinner. Just make something extra like a salad or soup. I did make 2 more meals with leftovers from this lunch.

I also take time to make every meal even when am eating alone. I find the whole process rather therapeutic.

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Tofu “bacon”, lettuce, tomato and avocado on homemade rye bread. My tofu bacon needs some work but it was still pretty good.


I’m intrigued. If you could, please tell us more about the tofu bacon. Did you use smoked hard/pressed tofu? I like this thing, imported from Taiwan.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold

Market stall in Lima
Credit: TXMX 2