What's for Lunch 2015 - 2016

In many countries it is still the most important meal of the day. At weekends I eat elaborate lunches. I also love a full warm meal at lunch whilst on holiday.

What have you enjoyed today/recently?

I shall start with a firm favourite called “Strammer Max” (sometimes Strammer Otto for a change). I eat it once a week or so. Basically it’s a slice of (toasted) bread, topped with ham and an egg. One can be creative, too, but please never omit the gherkins (!).

Morcilla and chorizo are nice with eggs.


Wha’? A “Strammer Max” with no cheese? Whatttttttt?

(Also one of my favorite lunches, btw).

That’s because I tend to eat the cheese separately (the soft -or hard- smelly kind!).

Hmmm. The melted cheese under the fried egg kinda makes the sammich for me…

i diced a jalapeno, some garlic and ginger, plus 2 campari tomatoes and tossed all that in a pot with some chicken stock. threw in some red lentils. simmered. once the lentils were cooked and still very brothy ( i wanted soup) i threw in a big bunch of parsley and of mint, both chopped. added salt. put the lid on the pot for the herbs to steam. had some left-over dry-roasted eggplant rounds that i chopped and nuked in a bowl.

spooned the lentil stuff over the eggplant and splashed on some rice vinegar. so good! so easy.

For me, breakfast is my forgotten meal. Because I really forget/skip breakfast a lot.


Interesting. I often just make a broth and chuck a few things I have on hand in.

Where I am people usually eat 2 slices of buttered bread top with a slice of rubber cheese/salami/ham/peanut butter etc and that’s lunch. My enormous lunch is always the first thing they talk about. Dinner is the main meal, lunch can be anything because it’s not important enough to them.

And then I also have bread with soft strong smelling cheese which make people pinch their noses :smiley:

For me those both look like breakfast. To each his own.

I read above once more time. Come to think of it, is it more true hat American breakfast is the one which is small when compared to other countries? We often skip breakfast or we often just eat milk+ cold cereal.

Chem, to save time getting to work/school some people just grab a Charbucks coffee and some muffin, or skip it altogether. We are too “busy” in this modern life to eat properly.

But I meant to talk about what we eat/have eaten for lunch. At weekend I take the time to enjoy a savoury one. Like this…


Beautiful. (also very interesting knife and fork).

I like lunch. When I’m busy or a bit lazy and skip it, I always seem to gain weight from the resultant snacking that follows.

For lunch today, I’m defrosting roasted butternut squash and red pepper soup.

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is that ice cream with your parsley? :grin:

I forgot to write on the picture what it was. Greens are chervil, white ball is buffalo’s milk moz.

Thanks, Chem. I have the cutlery for about 10 years or more now. Designer’s site with the cutlery in his porfolio here.

Lunch has become a sad state of affairs - When I worked in NYC lunch could be a foodie adventure or at least an opportunity to bring a bag lunch to a great urban park - even in Center City Philadelphia lunch was an opportunity to explore but stuck working in the NJ burbs now I am basically obligated to bring lunch - the town I work in actually has a vibrant restaurant scene but they are not really geared to the workers lunch and I can not live on convenience store sandwiches, pizza and bad Chinese food (the Chinese food in this town is pure abomination) so most days I bring lunch - usually it is some form of leftover or something I made in batches specifically to pack up as lunches. Today it is a fritatta, a salad and an orange - it is the only way I can eat well and affordably but IMHO eating at your desk is sad - but nobody takes the time anymore and people notice if you take long lunches. Crazy world

JTPhilly, I take my time to eat lunch and just stay longer to make up for it.

I have been eating Ma(a)tjes for lunch at the friday market. They are still very buttery and tasty considering it’s now the first week of november. The fish monger informs me that the usually mild weather has a lot to do with the current good quality of Ma(a)tjes. I once made a short video clip of the herring cleaning process at my regular market fish stall. Do check it out if you want to see how herrings are cleaned. Here: https://vimeo.com/98138696

OK, back to recent lunches and what I have been eating for lunch, including frittata. Mushroom tart has maitake, oyster, king trumpet, shiitake, and cep. Plus Speck/smoked cured pork belly.

Frittata shrunk a bit

I used a roasting tin (don’t have a shallow baking tin)

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Brown shrimp is still abundant in north sea (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crangon_crangon). The shell is not so hard that you have to remove before eating. There is usually roe in the head. I just break it, eat the roe, remove the tail by pulling firmly in one go.

Someone is going to dislike the crispy edges…

Wild and delicious north sea shrimp

The whole thing


The supermarket currently has very well priced packs of shelled brown shrimp - 90g for £3.50. In this house they find their way onto lunch sandwiches and salads,as well as pasta dishes. I can never be bothered turning them into our regional speciality of potted shrimps, finding it easier juts to buy them already potted. . By the by, the pack says caught in north east Atlantic - I’m wondering if that actually means the Irish Sea which is where most of them for potted shrimps would be caught.

Yes, Irish Sea as well. I remember reading that in a BBC Good Food magazine before. Most of the shrimp sold and eaten here are caught in North Sea and Baltic Sea. NL, BE and north Germany consume most of these shrimp however.

Potted shrimp is so easy to make. It does need some time to set. I now just use any bowl to “pot” them due to laziness.

On toasted bread


I’m lucky enough to live less than 10 min from my office. Lunch is often leftovers or what ever else I can find in the fridge. Worst comes to worst a can of tuna or peanut butter in a pinch