What's For Dinner #98 - the Pumpkin-Freaking-Everything! Edition - September 2023

Masala pot roast for dinner tonight, second time making this recipe for me, first time eating it for others.

The beef was surprisingly tough — I think it needed to be marinated for a day, my fault for jumping the gun on making this tonight. Still, pressure cooking, baking soda, more pressure cooking later, we ate.

The flavors are lovely for being really quite simple. We ate this with fresh bread from the bread guy and a pile of carrot sticks because I was too lazy to cook a vegetable (other than the potatoes I consider mandatory in the meat).

Mom had her leftover veg and paneer momos (my suggestion, because she enjoyed them so much, and I did not think they would survive a second night in the fridge… we like our midnight snacks).


They were exceptionally wonderful last night, and when the churros were gone, the bartender went to take the dishes away, so I had to grab the two little cups to finish pouring the two sauces down my gullet. :rofl:


Full respect for that!


So. Full.


Someone here (@gcaggiano?) said the Maya Kaimal stuff was good so I bought this for when I needed a zero effort hot meal. Tonight was the night, after dealing with a side swipe from Hurricane Lee and off and on power all day. Quite tasty on rice with lots of cilantro. Scallions would also be good and a scoop of yogurt.


My grandmother used to have a house on Revere Beach, within walking distance of Kelly’s. We’d go every summer. I always had fried clams. We had a chance to get back there a couple of years ago. The neighborhood changed quite drastically but her house and Kelly’s were the same.


Hope you have your power back. The storm kind of fizzled when it passed by us on Cape Cod - scattered power outages but not widespread. I don’t think we even got 2" of rain.


Long day after errands were sidetracked by a nail in a tire with a rapidly deflating PSI. Thankfully, only a single tire had to be replaced. So follow-up errands were quick to fill my freezer and get some veg.

Dinner was already planned: Chicken Cacciatore with 2 BISO chicken thighs patterned after the link below (omitting the chopped carrots), served on egg noodles with steamed green beans.

There was plenty of wine.



We were invited to dinner at our friends’ place. They grilled marinated chicken (molasses, fish sauce, Sriracha, a few other things) and Japanese rice balls, while we brought smacked spicy cucumbers, egg rolls, corn with miso butter, and baby squash in ponzu-sesame-scallion marinade for the grill. We had dark and stormies, cheese and crackers, and some chips with my homemade salsa to start. We also brought a bottle of tokaj, which went well with the Asian menu. They served ice cream for dessert.


Leftover brisket and roasted root vegetables from my sister’s Rosh Hashanah dinner last night.
Soo delicious, brisket was melt in your mouth tender and moist. So much meats, back to the salad grind tomorrow. :smiley:


DH manning the grill tonight with smash burgers. My contribution was a burger sauce, and chopping up garden veg for a coleslaw and fixings.


Stopped off on the way in tonight and ordered takeout from a new Mexican restaurant.


I tested positive today for Covid and feel like crap. Hoping the bourbon hot toddies let me sleep. All I’ve eaten the last 2 days is a molasses ginger cookie.


Stir fried mountain yams with kobacha squash


That looks refreshing - I need some hydration…

Get well, soon.

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I’d like to say something. I’ve noticed in recent months you haven’t been your usual perky self. Sorry to hear you have Covid again. Just letting you know we’re here if you need us.


Yes have had more luck with Maya Kaimal jar sauces than any other brand. Glad you enjoyed!

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Thank you so much,

I have the looming possibility of losing my dear mother who is 91 - it’s not something I can confront. It’s always on my mind. She’s here with me but I’m second-guessing the decision to have her visit for a month. She tested positive at the same urgent care center this afternoon for a recurring UTI. She gets confused when she has the infections, and she has increasing memory loss and hearing loss despite being fitted for hearing aids. I fear she’s disoriented not being in her own surroundings. When I’m cleared for take–off, I might fly back to Ohio with her before we planned. I appreciate your insight. Thank you.