What's For Dinner #98 - the Pumpkin-Freaking-Everything! Edition - September 2023

Sorry forgot to take a picture but we had a memorable Alison Roman fish recipe for dinner this evening

A very delicious fish treatment with a credible south east asian flavor twist. Loved it.


We enjoyed one of our favorite Friday night dinners al fresco on, the deck, on a beautiful Friday night. Mrs. P made Andouille sausage and delicata squash pizza with fried sage, ricotta, mozzarella, and fresh shaved parmigiana Reggiano cheese on a Stonefire crust. It was topped with extra hot honey. We started off with homemade guacamole with Zapps spicy Crawtator chips. It went great with a nice inexpensive cabernet.


Squash + fried sage are one of my favorite flavor combos. Flowers on your deck look absolutely stunning as well!


Charcoal grilled burgers and buns. Topped with cheddar and Wolfbrand chili. Dijon on my side. Everything but the kitchen sink on his. Cheddar & sour cream ripple chips. That’s it for the night🙂


We hosted a playdate with some fellow first graders and served take-out pizza and a snack platter with baby tomatoes, cheesy popcorn, and sliced apples. I opened a nice white burgundy and friends brought vinho verde, “beignets” (really more like filled donut holes), and a sweet potato salad from Earth Fare market. Made decaf espresso drinks and served some TJ’s salted brownies.

No pics. The kids trashed the house :joy:


Thank you! The hibiscus, mandevillas, and petunias did really well this year.


Pan pizza with homemade marinara and fresh basil (pickled peppers optional). Chopped salad from garden veggies to go with.


Mahi mahi with ginger and garlic, beets with dill, corn on the cob, apple pie.


Murgh mali with gunpowder potatoes and kachumber salad. I only had breast and ran out of propane so had to finish in the cast iron and oven. Chicken was ok, a little dry, potatoes and salad were perfect. Boulevardier cocktail, I had to make a double to fit my large glass. The sacrifices we have to make. :innocent:


I want that pizza!


Very interesting fusion dish around Pasta Norma from Chef Tim Raue, who is a well known German chef with some Michelin stars and a cooking style which often combines east and west - the dish was a nice example how you can do use fusion cooking without forcing it as it creates a wonderful vibrant and complex dish.
Here you create a tomato based sauce by combining strained tomatoes, nuoc cham, brown sugar, cinnamon stick, star anise and sriracha and cooking it for awhile to reduce. You pan fry some eggplants with some garlic before combing everything with some pasta water. Finished with some basil and feta (ricotta salata wasn’t available)


Had our first lobster rolls today at Kelly’s Roast Beef and Seafood in Medford. Not bad, but not great.


Didn’t post it last night, but here was dinner at Dali with a good friend. Julio wasn’t there: he hurt his knee and might need surgery. :cry: But we were very well taken care of, and the food and service were wonderful!

Garlic shrimp

Beef tenderloin on toast with roasted peppers and chimichurri

Roast duck with berry sauce (my half, since we had cut into it before I remembered to take a pic)

Churros with warm chocolate and dulce de leche sauces.

And there was sangria with and Cuarenta y Tres after!


Make a trip up to Plum Island, Newburyport to Bob Lobster’s for amazing lobster rolls!


Those churros look amazing and I’d gladly have a whole bowl of Dulce de leche on its own :grin:

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Went to his now defunct restaurant at the Adlon many moons ago - I think it may have already had a Michelin star at the time. It was a good meal, but when they presented a Japanese melon that was about to be served for dessert with such flourish it was amusing. And yes, I am aware just how prized these fruit are supposed to be. But to me, it tasted like any old melon… at least the 4 small pieces they’d carefully placed along the plate rim. From your description of the pasta I think I might find it a bit on the sweet side. Is it?

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Club salad WFD last night: the last nub of the iceberg, petite romaine, red & yellow peppers, celery, FM tomatoes, fresh corn. All tossed with SE’s winner of store-bought Caesar dressings, Ken’s “Chef’s Reserve Creamy Caesar with Roasted Garlic” (which I found quite tasty on its own, but didn’t pack enough Caesary punch for me even though I used a LOT of it), then topped with roti chicken breast & Kunzler’s thick-sliced bacon.

I think I’ve all but given up on finding a convenient, TASTY store-bought dressing. Never mind that it didn’t cut down much on prep, as it still prolly took me almost 45 min to chop everything for the salad. Making a dressing would’ve added 5-10 min more, and woulda been better.

Hosted the gang for a movie night to break in our spiffy new projector and screen. Fresh popcorn is a given - surprisingly good from Orville Redenbacher’s!


I’m a little late with this so I’m sharing two dinners in one post. I had intended on making fried rice on Wednesday night but making a batch of rice last weekend with the intention of having leftover rice for Wednesday night never happened. Since I had some ground pork already thawed I made Hot Sesame Noodles With Pork and Scallions from epicurious.


Yesterday I had intended on making a Greek salad but I got tomatoes and corn in my CSA on Thursday so that’s what I had for dinner last night along with half a kohlrabi that I found in the fridge.


It has a good mix of hot, sour, sweet and acidity but I didn’t find it too sweet.

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