What's For Dinner #96 - the Which Marketing Commercial Month Is It? Edition - August 2023

Abbreviated dinner, as power went down to about 25% in my townhouse near the end of cooking. Units across the spoke road were at full power, which meant it was an issue with power coming into my row and NOT an issue with just the power into my meter (which would have been on my dime vs National Grid). A guy showed up, tested another unit’s meter; definitely an underground issue, so that’s another crew to deal with issue, but luckily an underground crew in the area.

So the chicken and potatoes were done; the green beans were not. There was wine.

And I rescued the last of the Tillamook Caramel Coffee Crunch ice cream from the downstairs freezer, just in case. :wink:


Tonight’s dinner was a vegetarian curry.


More Canadian King salmon – this time roasted in olive oil with lemon and oregano. Greek-inspired, seasoned potatoes and green beans on the side. We took the lemony basting oil from the fish and drizzled it all over everything.


Raining cats and dogs on the way through Fort Worth tonight. Not a drop when we got to Dallas. Takeout fried chicken w/honey. Turnip greens w/hot sauce and pinto beans. Fresh baked rolls and butter. And a 25 cent jalapeño All on a paper plate. One thing I’ve noticed lately ( or maybe I just never noticed it before). A lot of white plates here. Guess I’ll have to step up my game.:slightly_smiling_face:


Overcast, damp, cool day #3, the perfect day to satisfy my craving for gumbo. Shrimp, andouille and okra, cauli rice. Muffuletta salad salad. My first ever Ramos gin fizz. It was good but I don’t think there will be another.


I’ve eaten dinner out almost every night for a week, but I was home tonight and wanted to cook. Well, prep, really. I had plenty of leftover NYT citrus pesto, and wanted to try it on pasta this time. We used the Sporkful guy’s (forgetting his name now) pasta, the brand new shape he created with Sfoglini, and topped the dish with plenty of parm and some olive oil slow roasted cherry tomatoes. Loved the texture of that pasta.

also made a new batch of kimchi (I think the last one I made was about 7 months old!) i already can’t wait to dig into it.

lastly, made a batch of the Jen Aniston salad (basically tabouli but without tomatoes and added feta, red onion, and pistachios) for my lunches this week. No pics.


Headed into Boston to see John Oliver. Ended up at Time Out food hall and went wth a mezz sampler and chicken za’taar wrap from Anoush’ella. The sampler was wonderful, with hummus, baba ganoush, walnut harrisa, labne, grilled halumi, falafel and warm pita bread. We ate a lot of it, and took plenty home. We could not do the wrap justice, and will have that for lunch this week
(We enjoyed the John Oliver show too)


That all looks scrumptious!
And I love John Oliver - was it a special appearance? He’s not doing his show because of the writers’ strike, right?

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He is on tour, tonight and tomorrow night in Boston. Here is the link to the rest of his dates.

He was really good, all over the map, funny , sharp and on point. It was a much needed night out.

And the food was excellent!


drat, looks like he’s not coming to San Francisco… Nice that you got to enjoy!

Damn, that egg yolk.

It like follows you around the room as you stare at it.

Well done.


Chicken verde tortilla soup, inspired by some great corn tortillas from a farmers market. Onion, garlic, leftover rotisserie chicken, jar of tomatillo salsa, a small package of frozen Hatch chiles, chicken broth, and a small diced potato. Topped with a little Crema and fried tortilla strips. Delicious. Totally forgot to photograph.


Cardamom Beef Stew from Charlie Trotter - beef chuck braised with celery, carrots, onions and a sachet with plenty of crushed cardamom pods and a halved garlic bulb. Served over oven roasted mix of potatoes, parsnip and celery root.


Long day at work. Grabbed drinks with BF afterward. I had wanted to just hang at home but tomorrow is his only day off this week and he wanted to go out. Didn’t take much convincing.

Dinner was these three olives, plus we shared the late night Happy Hour nachos (unfortunately not pictured) which were gigantic and could have been a meal. He had a beer and a Mai Tai. Dinner when we got home was leftovers from last night’s Chinese and some odds and ends in the fridge. We’ve done a much better job lately in trying not to waste and use up what’s around.

I’m not overly fond of chains, but gotta hand it to Houlihan’s. So many places make a great martini but have awful olives. They make a great martini AND have beautifully plump olives. The little things in life.

BF also baked earlier in the day. I don’t know what brought on the urge, but here’s an Oreo pie. Homemade whipped cream on top. Innards were a whole box of oreos, cream cheese, and a few other things. A heavenly sugar rush. Could only do a small slice.

Reason #823 why I’ll never be thin! :joy:


That pie is gorgeous! Who needs to be thin when you can have that as an indulgence? :grin:


Are these Time Out markets a global chain?

Being thin’s overrated :wink:


Hey! We had Thai food last night as well - probably the last good Thai meal (that I don’t have to make myself) for a long time :frowning:

Shared a very flavorful tom kha gai,

yam mama (noodles, chicken, sausage, tomatoes, celery, onion, cilantro, lime),

and gung ki mao.

The main could’ve used a few more veg in my book, but was very flavorful & did not destroy us this time, either. A delish Thai basil smash for me, draught beer for my PIC.


I kind of think so? It was the first food hall to open in Boston, if i remember correctly. There are maybe 3 more since then? It is in a very lively spot, and is always busy. Not huge like some I’ve been in, but some nice local providers.