What's for Dinner #94 - the White Rabbit Edition - June 2023

Also known as the I’m Late, I’m Late, Because I was on Mini-Vacay! edition. :wink: My apologies to all!

This is what happens when I take 3 days off around a holiday - I was so relaxed because of our beautiful weather in New England, and I wasn’t posting any of my recent leftovers, so I completely forgot to do a write-up! Mea culpa! Thanks to @bcc for the reminder!

June. It’s a woman’s name - indeed, Juno was a powerful Roman goddess. But it’s also the true start of summer. Which means end of school (YAY for kids, BOO for some parents?), lots more golf for some, (not my style), changing out the libations to summertime drinks, and whatever your heart desires to be thrown on the grill. Don’t forget going out for lobster rolls from your local seafood shack (light mayo and a top-split bun, pleaseandthankyou!)

What’s cooking?



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Glad all is well. Lobster rolls at Fresco’s in Malden. Warm with butter, no celery.


For openers, homemade scallion pancakes with dipping sauce. Followed by potstickers from scratch (including wrappers), green beans, and long grain rice.


“Grilled” chicken breast with apricot poblano glaze.

163 f🙄


I made Woks of Life garlic noodles with crab. Quick pickled daikon, cucumber, red onion and Fresno chile in rice vinegar. Next time I will add more garlic.


Super basic, but I was gallivanting around all day, looking at art (and if you’re in NYC, ffs go see Matthew Barney’s Secondary in LIC, and the new ICP show) so I just dragged everything I wanted to eat out of the fridge or off the counter. Et voila.


Things were a bit crazy in the Bean home in May and I really didn’t do much cooking that was worth mention. Hopefully June will be a better month.

I found some thin, bony pork chops in the freezer and decided to pull them out to grill. They were marinaded over night in a mix of gochujang, onion, ginger, garlic, apple, and sesame oil. I grilled them over a high heat so that they charred before getting too overdone. Serve with bamboo shoot salad and Momofuko’s Red Dragon Sauce (which I try to have in the fridge at all times).


Is it not “actually” grilled? I’m confused about the quotes, but it looks faboski :star_struck:

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BF made the best salad ever - with just a little bit of chicken breast, 1/2 an avo, a sprinkling of blue cheese crumbles, walnuts & pine nuts, plus all the veggies - really fricken delish. Thought it would be too much - we (or I) licked the bowl clean.


Dry brined a-la- “Judy bird”, then pan seared, then finished under a broiler with some poblano-aji amarillo jelly, and thanks!


The First Friday of June is National Donut Day. Eighty five years in the making! I missed it for breakfast, so that’s what for dinner. Now which dough and what icing? Sprinkles, chocolate shot or chopped toasted nuts? The donuts I ordered last New Years from Gold Belly were divine. Too late for that. I’ll think of something.


Boston Cream. The answer is always Boston Cream.


My mom passed early Wednesday morning. It’s a blessing this happened before her illness could create any serious discomfort or pain.

Friends had invited us to a place in the boonies on Monday, and we decided to honor their invitation. I couldn’t be arsed to make dinner after my first treatment yesterday, and my mom was quite the food lover herself - what better way to honor her memory?

The food was great as ever. The place opened reservations for the season in April and was booked solid through October that same day. Our friends had lucked out on a cancellation.

Welcome bites: strawberry aqua fresca with chile-lime salt rim, pickled beet with same, tapioka puff with vadouvan curry puree (i don’t remember what the actual puree was made of).

That tapioca chip was one of my favorite bites, and the agua fresca was packed full of ripe strawberry flavor. The intermezzo was rhubarb rosewater sorbet with pickled rhubarb. Very refreshing and light.



Let Krispy Kreme be your inspiration.


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That’s restaurant quality right there.


Very sorry for your loss. I know what you mean by blessing, but that doesn’t diminish the magnitude of the loss. L Glad you could have a special meal to honor her, and for a little solace.


Thank you. I had a chance to bid her good-bye in February, when she was more lucid & in much better shape. Things took a quick downturn in the last month, so much so that she didn’t really communicate anymore. I am glad she found peace.


My sympathies and best wishes. Bleib stark.


Danke. Ist immer schwer :broken_heart: