What's For Dinner #91 - the Irish Spring! Edition - March 2023

here you go. beef is typical, rather than lamb, but i saw recipes that gave the option.


Thanks! Having made this, do you think that powdered black lime would work? Maybe 1 tsp? There is a note in the recipe that lime juice can be subbed, but nothing about lime powder…

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Thanks! Good chance it’ll be my Seder centerpiece this year.

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If it’s quite fine, I’d add about a half a teaspoon to a tablespoon per lime – I think it will vary quite a bit depending on how recently the powder was ground etc. Extrapolating from amchoor powder, which has a similar feel/purpose.


So glad that your mother is enjoying some food.

What is her secret for light and crisp batatawada batter?

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For our third and final anniversary celebration we enjoyed a sensational Chef’s table dinner at Fiorentini in Rutherford, NJ. Among other things we enjoyed:
Amuse: Lamb shank cannoli, black garlic and truffle.
Appetizer Roasted cauliflower Tart, spring vegetables, idiazabail cheese First course: Coral risotto, colossal crab, Meyer lemon, tarragon.
Second course: Turbot, clams, leeks, guanciale, garlic, parsley, buttermilk Third course: Grass fed lamb, green vegetables, castelfranco radicchio, sherry jus
Pre dessert: Banana sorbet, caramel mou
Dessert: Zuppa inglese

The above was copy and pasted from the chef. There was also outstanding octopus and pillowy soft gnudi.


Rick Bayless’s Roadside Chicken, roasted with potatoes, fennel, and onions and served with corn tortillas and salsa macha for taco making. My write up of the recipe is here. Lots of leftovers for weekend nibbling.


Chicken-zucchini-parmesan meatballs over bucatini with homemade basil pesto. Roasted asparagus vinaigrette.

Zucc and basil put up last summer; asparagus freshly picked.


" O’Mei, Richmond Hill " - A superlative 12 pound ’ Alaskan Red King Crab ’ prepared 6 ways paired with some equally superb vintage wine.

Creatively and lovingly prepared 6 ways, our King Crab dishes are as follow:

  • Steamed smaller legs with Chinese rice wine, chicken fat and julienne scallions and ginger on a bed of rice vermicelli

  • Steamed middle legs with fried minced garlic and julienne scallions, finished off with sizzling oil

  • Fried large upper legs with salted duck egg yolk coating

  • Sauteed Crab body and onions with house secret top soy/maggi sauce

  • Steamed egg custard 'charamushi ’ with crab meat and brains

  • Fried rice with Chinese preserved meat and sausages and crab tamale.

  • Sauteed Chinese Kale ( Gai-Lan ) with sun dried tiled fish

The wine:


It’s been a long while for me! I’ve been cooking some, with a week off when husband cooked. But somehow not motivated to post. Today though, something pretty. Chinese-esque Dinner of pepper steak and tofu in brown sauce over rice. Once we find any room in our bellies then gingerbread cake with cream cheese frosting and candied kumquats.



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In which I finally try this sous vide thing I’ve heard so much about.

Pretty nice! To be continued.


Worry not.

Think of it as a well deserved break from manual labor. (No pun intended)

Get well soon, eat more yogurt (for the calcium)!


Stir fried cabbage

Stir fried mustard greens

Air-fryer salmon (is it obvious I snuck in a bite before the picture was taken :slight_smile: )


Big hockey game tonight. Rangers vs. Devils. Mom and BF could care less but joined me. We had an impromptu appetizer night. The food was better than the result of the game.

Can you believe these are baked??? Justin led with this Korean cauliflower dish. The florets are coated in flour, black pepper, egg, and panko, and baked on a rack until crisp. They are then tossed in a glaze of soy sauce, honey, Sriracha, gochujang, and five-spice powder before being baked again. They appear to be fresh out of the deep fryer but there is no oil at all.

Mozzarella en Carrozza. Air-fried. Rao’s Marinara. Shaved Asiago.

Last one: Lobster Roll “Sliders”. Butter, dab of mayo to bind, lemon juice, salt, pepper, Old Bay, garlic powder, and chive. These were supposed to be the highlight but were just ok. I had a busy day today which included a lecture and shooting footage for my new-ish documentary series (those who follow me on Instagram know) and I saw a bag of frozen lobster meat at the grocery store and thought “Why not?”. The texture was almost there but the flavor was very fishy and lacked that beautiful sweetness freshly cooked lobster meat has. Oh well. Live and learn.

There were cocktails.


Tonight’s dinner was stirfried veggies (mushrooms, red pepper, bok choy) served over linguine. Terrible plating but it tasted good… Leftovers for tomorrow.


Every single dish there looks gorgeous. And that cake! Is it as good as it looks?

My PIC gave one of those rare talks I decided to attend (The History of the Weird) yesterday late afternoon, and we grabbed some HH drinks and a bite afterwards at the local gay bar. I had two delightful Märzen & a dry AF martini with Bloedlemoen gin and orange twist, and we shared the calamari salad with spicy cukes. My PIC also ordered the spicy sausage banh mi. It was alright, the sausage didn’t quite work for me, as I was expecting a sausage with Asian flavors, not a spicy Italian.

Fun night as ever.


And ramps! Your meal looks wonderful - especially that lamb!


Thank you! It was quite delicious! The gingerbread was dark and rich, the kumquats sweet/tart, and the frosting creamy. Great combination.