What's For Dinner #91 - the Irish Spring! Edition - March 2023

Pork tenderloin greased up with olive oil and covered in Penzeys Tsardust Memories seasoning mix, then roasted at 350° until done.

Served on buttered orzo with parsley, with Plum Ketchup spooned on top, and sauteed green beans, red bell peppers, and onions seasoned with dried savory, oregano, s/p, and garlic powder alongside.



WaPo had a recipe recently for roasted tomato cheddar pie. The crust was supposed to include cheddar cheese and filling made of sliced and roasted tomatoes and shallots, then topped with a mixture of more cheese, mayo, dijon, and torn up basil. Lazy moi used a premade crust and added a little goat cheese - end result was delicious. Served with sautéed peppers with capers, garlic, and almonds and asparagus, not shown


omygosh - thank goodness you’re ok!

dinner and drinks look grand.


THAT’S all the green i would have needed for an Irish dinner! yum!

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Leftoverpalooza tonight. I had baked rigatoni from the freezer and a slice of Guinness chocolate cake for dessert. The cake itself was fine (a “wacky” cake), but the frosting stole the show. :relaxed:


Thai beef salad! Mostly care of Recipe Tin Eats and fellow Hungry Onions.


Leftover lemony chicken and bean soup, freshened up with some garden kale. Toasted Italian stirato on the side.


Tonight was the first time I’ve cooked dinner in a while as I spent the last week week helping my 93 y/o aunt move from her 2nd floor walk up condo to an independent living apartment with an elevator.

For many years, we’ve celebrated St Jospeh’s Day with the traditional Pasta con Sarde - Bucatini with Fennel and Sardines. I make it with “Cucco Seasoning for Macroni with Sardines” that is doctored up with extra sautéed onions and tomato paste, the same way my friend who introduced me to this tradition always made it.

I usually make a fennel side dish with the pasta but the fennel didn’t look great so I decided wing it with a chopped salad that used up much of what was hanging around the fridge - parsley, celery, cucumber, olive salad, provolone and salami. A big thanks to The Sprout for chopping. They ended up going very well together.


We enjoyed another outstanding dinner at Jasper Stone in Monroe, NJ including lamb chops; Chilean sea bass; halibut; baked clams with garlic, citrus, chili, and breadcrumbs; creamy mac n cheese with rock shrimp and tasso ham; beet salad; chocolate cake. It all went great with an excellent cabernet and Syrah.


Reuben on sourdough with pasta salad from the deli.


Braised beef in red wine , chicken stock, and aromatics. Beef
short rib , and neck . Butter lake mashed potatoes , and salad. Cheers .


Beef bourguignon with spaetzle - beef chuck marinated for 24 hours in red wine with onion, carrots, garlic and bouquet garni. Afterwards braised for 3.5 hours with salt pork and some flour to thicken and some mushrooms added at the end.


That looks good. As soon as we have a warm weekend day suitable for grilling, I am going to make this

How’d ya like it?

It was good! It probably would have been better if I hadn’t waited until this morning to taste it cold from the refrigerator. I made only a small batch. I might try it again tonight.

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Looks so fresh and delicious!

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Nomination thread is up for COTQ - join us! Spring 2023 (Apr-June) Cuisine of the Quarter - NOMINATIONS

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Chili beans layer dip with tortilla chips. From chili from the freezer. Keeping it simple.


Another day off.
Doctor appointment and errands.

Decided: Dinner is The New Orange.

Bacon Cheeeboigah on a Bulkie roll.
Ketchup on the bottom.
Kraft American Single on top.
Bacon on top-top.
Fritos. (Because no Ruffles with ridges in the house. Also because Ruffles aren’t Orange.)
Carrot-Raisin Salad. To pretend it’s all healthy.

And Wine. Since this is the end of my 4-day weekend.

Happy Spring!


We left my husband’s doctors visit after 4 today. Talked about dinner tonight. Checked off everything we’ve had in the last week or so. Mexican, Chinese, BBQ, Fried chicken, corned beef, hamburgers and French fries. Tired of everything. So I decided on our old stand by since I had it in the fridge. Hot Italian sausage with onions, peppers, a little tomato sauce and red wine. Cheesy garlic bread and a salad for him with bottled Balsamic. The reason I put that jar in the background is because it’s mostly cauliflower nowadays with a few carrots and peppers. He Keeps buying it though.