What's for Dinner #90 - the Days are Lasting Longer Edition - February 2023

Safe travels to Germany and hope you find a space for her where they can help with her care.


My FIL is on a super sodium reduced diet right now, so I started looking for recipes that might still be tasty without much salt.

Adding up the native sodium in all the ingredients, plus the amount of salt I used as seasoning, these come in right about 300mg sodium per skewer (and I knew he wouldn’t be able to finish a whole skewer).

Pork tenderloin (4 chunks/skewer for approx. 200 g correction, 100 g pork per), mushrooms, onions (microwave pre-cooked whole, allowed to cool then quartered because I wanted them more done than they’d get otherwise), Campari tomatoes, red and orange bell peppers.

The tenderloin chunks were salted at 0.6% by weight and let to dry brine for several hours, then marinated overnight in plain Greek yogurt with ground cumin, ground coriander, pepper, grated garlic, and onion powder. Once I got them all threaded up I brushed the bit of leftover yogurt marinade on the veggies.

I put them together at home then ported to their house and I cooked them on his grill.

The transport container was my vegetarian daughter’s cupcake carrier. Don’t rat me out, peeps.


Shrimp and calamari fra diavolo over linguine. Loosely based on Lidia Bastianich’s recipe. Leftovers for tomorrow’s dinner, too! I expect this will taste even better tomorrow :slight_smile:


Shrimp, poblano, and corn tacos from a MarleySpoon kit. Good enough.


Wow, what a truly gorgeous photo.

I’m sad to hear this.

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Personally I love the contrasting textures of squid and pasta as a great combination. Yours looks awesome. I tend to the simpler olive oil garlic crushed pepper and parsley prep. It’s a fast meal. But squid is cheap so it’s ez to add to the above prep with clams etc whatever…some bottarga can be nice.

I’m gonna try your recipe the color looks amazing, and also ez and fast.

remember what Damone says, and don’t forget the Coke with no ice.


Thank you! I had to balance the lighting a bit in the photo editing app, but I think I am finally getting the hang of the camera in my Pixel phone!


I would like to place an order!



I like the simpler olive oil, red pepper, parsley version too. Yesterday felt like a red sauce kind of night though. If you try her recipe, the couple changes I made were to use 10 cloves of garlic instead of 8, 2 crushed chile de arbol in place of the red pepper flakes, a teaspoon of fennel seeds, and an additional can of fire roasted, diced tomatoes. I took the time to take the leaves off the parsley stems and add the chopped stems to the garlic and chiles while they were toasting in the olive oil (I went about 4-5 minutes here over medium low, until the garlic was just barely beginning to turn a little golden. Then add the diced and hand crushed tomatoes.). I simmered about 15 minutes before pasta was added, instead of 10.


Thanks @Amandarama !

I like that this is a fast red sauce recipe. Noted on your edits. I’m a garlic fan so always add more, same with chile – that’s a great idea on the chile de arbol, not just for mexican food!

Seems like garlic and lemon are two ingredients you can’t have too much of.

Also nice on the fennel seeds, and toasting them in the oil with the parsley stems etc, i wouldn’t have thought of that.

My “secret” ingredient that seems to add a bit of funk, salt and sweet to pasta sauces is vietnamese fish sauce! Not for my vegetarians (respect!) but the rest don’t know but keep comin back for more.

I hear from my family that things are a bit brisk back in MA right now. That is red sauce weather for sure! I can think of some nice cocktails to go with that meal!


Nah. Summer is so much better “up here” than “down there.” Meanwhile, our sunsets started with a 5 one week ago. Woot!


Fish sauce is always a good thing! I also have Maggi on hand now that is a nice background ingredient (used sparingly, although I didn’t use it here).

It is definitely brisk and about to get brisker! Negative temps as we get to Saturday morning (at least for a while)!


Well wishes to her! I’m sure she’ll be so happy to have you by her side.

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Sorry to hear about your mother @linguafood. She is fortunate to have two caring daughters. Wishing her as comfortable a journey and soft a landing as possible. :pray:t4:


“ O’Mei, Richmond Hill “ - A delightful and well prepared ‘fish-centric’ meal!

To go with a pair of wonderful and finely crafted wine……2014 Dr. Loosen Bernkasteler Lay Riesling GG and a 2007 Dominus from Napa, our party picked a well thought out menu consisting of multiple preparations of a special giant 14+ pound Grouper, air freighted from Florida.

Our menu consisted of the following courses:

  • Fish soup using the head and bones of the Grouper, with added BC clams, Chinese Mustard Greens, Cilantro, Shiitake mushrooms and silken Tofu ( Milky and rich with amazing, multi-layers of umami flavor profile )

  • Stirred fry fish filet two ways with yellowing chives and sugar snap peas ( A benign, savory ‘oil-poached’ approach plus a ‘bolder and more intense’ XO sauce infused spicy rendition. The delicate and chewy fish filets were well caramelized and loaded with an enjoyable smoky wok-hay component. Juicy and moist, the result of the chef’s well-timed execution. )

  • Braised fish tail with Shitake mushrooms, fried tofu atop of a bed of sauteed iceberg lettuces ( nicely seasoned with a rich, well balanced gravy. )

  • Fried Grouper belly two ways……lightly battered with seasoned peppered salt and salted duck egg yolks coating ( Again, both dishes were perfectly executed. Grease-

    less with near zero adhering residual oil. The taste profile was spot-on The exotic and multi-dimensional salty, savory, spicy elements yielding some lip-smacking and addictive crispy/crunchy meaty morsels

To augment the protein dominated courses with some carbohydrates, we ordered a seafood fried rice and a pretty uncommon ‘Stirred fry crispy rice vermicelli topped with sauteed sliced Angus beef and bitter melon in a rich black bean sauce’. Great ending to a fantastic meal.

As for the wines. The more mellow and placid fish courses paired extremely well with the fruity flinty and slightly off-dry Dr. Loosen ‘ Great-Growth ‘ Riesling. Embracing a hint of petrol and a touch of near undetectable oaky overtone ( due to 1 year spent in oak barrel ), this was a pleasant change from the usual Chardonnay pairing approach for such types of fish.

Impressive, smooth and elegant, the Merlot based, Bordeaux blend Dominus was drinking beautifully. The gorgeous wine featured layers of deep flavor reflecting the result of some patient and precious cellar time. A slight sweet undertone addition to the overall mouthfeel made the wine well suited for the more aggressive and bolder tasting dishes. Who says fish has to be paired with whites?

Bravo again to O’Mei’s team of skilled chefs! Always manage to deliver a wide range of consistent, well-prepared and wonderful tasting dishes……NOT just focusing on their Lobsters and King Crabs house specialities!

Service was attentive, accommodating and friendly!


Didn’t feel like walking to Lapats so threw together some random pad thai last night — thick and thin noodles, red shrimp, egg, sprouts, green onions. Fried peanuts, fermented thai chili flakes, lime on the side. I think I’ve come to find my favorite pad thai sauce — a mix of Night + Market’s version and a more traditional tamarind based sauce.


That looks incredible!

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A take on Ming Tsai's Beef Broccoli--this was beef broccolini plus other veggies, very tasty. ![DSCF0946|700x525](upload://5Et7P0NW5mv8YeM2sFgajkvZKhO.jpeg)
Minestrone (those peas look awful--it is the picture) with decadent grilled cheese. A nice warm supper when the temps spand 20° in one day (-10 to +10). ![DSCF0947|700x611](upload://w1xKhJM3tUY1Ph32U1YeMaVMra.jpeg)