What's for Dinner #90 - the Days are Lasting Longer Edition - February 2023

But ARE they?

Yes, they are, as the sun will set at 4:58 p.m. on the 1st, and 5:32 p.m. on the 28th. Progress! But because it’s in teeny tiny increments until we look outside as the workday ends near the end of February and realize “Hey! It’s still light out!”, we are still bemoaning the fact that it’s STILL DARK OUT. And we have to wait until mid-March for the big hop to DST, but we’re getting there. Slowly but surely.

Meanwhile, it’s still cold for most of us, which means warm, comfort foods are still on our minds and filling our bellies. And if you’re in warmer weather, know that lots of us are jealous.

So what’s cooking in your neck of the woods?


Hopefully I’ll remember to take a pic and post whatever I end up deciding to make for dinner tonight, Feb 01.

But in the mean time I’ll offer you a little dig:

Thank goodness I moved “down here” from “up there”.

My sunset this evening is after 6 p.m. and about 6:40 on the 28th.


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Broccoli cheddar soup from one of the FMs in the area. Tons of broc, and the soup wasn’t ridic heavy.

One of my mom’s winter salad recipes on the side - Belgian endive with mandarins in a creamy dressing. I’m flying to Germany tomorrow as she is doing badly, so I made it with her in mind <3


Best wishes!


Yes - best wishes to you and your family.


Everything is turning green, ornamental cherry trees are blooming. Be still my heart.
Patty melt on sourdough, McCain’s fries (pretty good). Mixed lettuce, tomato, avocado, red onion salad with creamy Greek dressing.


Very simple pasta dish - spaghetti with a sauce made from mashed peas, chevre, lime zest, lime juice, olive oil and pasta water. Served with more peas and mint.


With thanks to @Amandarama, roasted potato rafts with Alaskan halibut. Green beans on the side.

I used Yukon potatoes instead of russets - which is what I had in surplus - making a few extra taters, to boot. Simple proccess, and very delicious – halibut is easy to roast without over-cooking. Will prepare this way again.

Spuds and green beans from our garden surplus.


It was a beautiful plate and my pic didn’t do it justice. Seared scallops with a tarragon shallot wine sauce and mashed winter squash.


Chicken and sweet potato enchiladas


Tonight’s dinner was Tater Tot Casserole. I saw this recipe on youtube and I had to try it. It is probably more of a “kid” dish, but Sunshine and I liked it.


White tail deer sirloin tip . With souse vide beets . And these fabulous prepared scalloped potatoes from our local grocer . Cheers. :wine_glass:. Mostly eating game . This last week. Really good. And the three kinds of tuna caught off the Santa Barbara coast. Mt Shasta is becoming a food gem because of the friends I have encountered.



That looks delicious!

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I hope your mom improves.


That is unfortunately not very likely, as she was recently diagnosed with advanced stage cancer in her colon, liver, and lungs. That, on top of her dementia, is not a good prognosis :frowning:

Her dementia is actually a blessing at this point, as she cannot grasp the scope of her illness.

We’re just hoping to keep her comfortable and pain-free for as long as possible - IF we are able to find long-term care for her. It’s not a great situation in Germany (like many other countries, not enough staff & too many old people) and almost impossible to get a spot anywhere.


I’m sorry. I hope you have other family members around to help out and confide in.


Dinner last night: 2nd day meatloaf, stove-top mac & chez, corn, apple pie.


Thanks. My sister has been doing all the work, being that she lives in Germany and is “only” a 3.5 hour drive away vs. my living across the Atlantic. We’re thankfully on the same page as far as treatment (or rather not-treatment) is concerned.


Where is “down here” for you?