What's For Dinner #89 - the Dawn of a New Year Edition - January 2023

First camera fail of 2023 = no photo.

Dinner was old school tacos with seasoned ground chicken and onions. Tillamook cheddar, sriracha mayo and crispy romaine on top. Homemade refried black beans on the side.


Black eyed peas salad, dry brined and roasted pork loin roast and pigeon peas and rice. Cilantro for “greens”. :grin:


Mrs. P is still sick, but soldiered on and made an awesome rabbit pappardelle with dijon mustard and fresh shaved orange zest :yum: We had defrosted the D’artagnan rabbit the night before and didn’t want it to go to waste. It went great with our favorite red blend.


Happy New Year, looking forward to another year of all your delicious dinners.
Lucky black eye pea soup. Sauteed bacon, diced ham, carrot, onion, celery, garlic, red bell, s&p, cajun seasoning, added chicken broth, bay leaves, spinach. Simmered awhile then added left over crab, sausage and the peas. Little gem wedge with tomato, red onion, avocado, parm, peppercorn dressing. Rewarmed leftover baguette. There was a mimosa with the rest of the pink bubbles and wine with. Boozy eggnog for dessert.



Finished simmering the gravy from last night . Penne pasta . Souse vide red beets topped with a touch of sour cream .
First day of the year . Cheers.:wine_glass:


Tried to edit. Thanks .


Billi Bi. (Cream of mussel soup). A great start to 2023.


Outstanding vegan ragu recipe from Ottolenghi with carrots, onions, oyster mushrooms, dried porcini mushrooms, garlic, tomatoes, miso, harissa, tomato paste, soy sauce, cumin seeds, green lentils, pearl barley, coconut cream, red wine and vegetable broth


I had planned on grilling some steaks since it was such a nice day but we ended up having a much larger lunch than I thought we would. No one was really that hungry at dinner time. I had a scoop of black-eyed pea salad and an onion roll. I’m not sure what any one else did.



A highly improvised Korean dduk mandu guk (rice cake dumpling soup traditionally eaten on New Year’s Day) because I didn’t lay in the appropriate Korean provisions before leaving for a week away in NY. I didn’t have the typical thin ovals of dduk but I had the longer cylindrical ones that are used for a different dish (although Eric Kim recently published a NYT recipe using the cylinders). I had only a few mini pork dumplings that Spring Onion loves, so we gave those to him and B and I had some veggie Thai dumplings. The broth was a soup base used for Japanese soba dishes. And finally, the gim (roasted seaweed) I had which typically tops the bowl had somehow gone bad. But I had nori sheets that I oiled with sesame oil, salted, and roasted over a stove burner (which is what mom used to do). Forgot to add egg to B’s bowl and forgot to take a photo. The mishmash worked out. And now we will are guaranteed good luck for the whole year, correct? :wink:


Wow, delicious and a lot of work!

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You’re drinking for two now - DH and I are doing Dry January. I’ll enjoy vicariously.

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Wishing you to get well soon, and a healthy new year when you get there! This Covid thing sucks moose-caca.


Voting for dish and cuisine of the quarter is now open - join us!

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Thank you.

For the first time, I sped up the stuffed mushroom process by just rough chopping the filling on my chopping board. Even the bread into bread crumbs/small croutons. It turned out fine for a small package of mushrooms. I had some extra stuffing, which went into a lone Roma tomato.


Thin Mints???! Did you buy them recently or were they from a freezer stash? We keep ours in the freezer but they never last long!

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That’s rough. You’re almost through. :crossed_fingers:t2:


Thanks all! We are feeling better each day, but that of course means the boredom of being stuck at home is mounting!


They were being sold outside my local Post Office. $5 a box, and the box is definitely smaller (volume-wise) than when I used to sell them back in the Dark Ages of the early 1970s.

Im trying to ignore them as much as I can, as I could easily eat a half sleeve in one sitting. I’ve become like my late mother, enjoying just a bit of chocolate after dinner, so 2-3 of them usually satisfies. Usually. :wink: