What's For Dinner #89 - the Dawn of a New Year Edition - January 2023

Salmon tacos. I lightly marinated some salmon in a mix of olive oil, cumin, oregano and fresh orange, lemon and lime juices. I just barely seared the salmon so that it was very rare - our favorite way to eat it. The tacos were topped with a roasted tomato salsa, leftover Peruvian green sauce, and some crispy salmon skin I was able scrape up off the pan. There was a purple Nappa slaw with pineapple and cilantro on the side.


I made chicken chili tonight, eaten with considerably more tortilla chips :laughing:


Tonight I had stirfried liver with onion, green pepper and tomato seasoned with hot smoked paprika. Served over egg noodles with grana padano.


1/2 recipe of Burmese Goat Curry, rice noodles, white beans with apricot, raisins & curry based on Ravi’s curry apricot lentil soup, roasted tomatoes, and a sliver of panettone for dessert.


I love liver. Never thought to stir-fry it!


Taco night! Finally.
Delightfully set up with accoutrement and some lovely local cranberry beans as frijoles d’olla (but I put them on some of the tacos too! Last of our stash of TX corn tortillas gifted last christmas. Still wonderful flavor if not a little rough-edged from the freezing.


Sometimes you have a garbage day and you decide that dinner is pimiento cheese, olives, and wine.


Your garbage days are far better than my garbage days. :neutral_face:


Bacon, kale and bean soup with freshly baked stirato.


a variation on a recipe from Eric Kim’s Korean American cookbook - kimchi braised short ribs pasta. A friend recommended it and we loved it. The kimchi mellows quite a bit in this braise (i did mine in the Instant Pot, but my friend said the original recipe calls for a long, slow braise in a Dutch oven) and if you add a lot of parm regg, you almost lose the tartness, and it ends up tasting almost like a regular Italian tomato-based ragu. None of which to say this is bad, just that I would prefer to keep the Koreanness of it, so next time I’d up the gochugaru and use less parm. Of course it would also go well over rice, but i did love the slippery pappardelle in the sauce. It was delicious and homey on yet another rainy night.


we did beans and greens also yours looks better ! for one it has bacon ! ours is veg.


I love beans and greens this time of year - so comforting!


Asian inspired bowl from Melissa Clark’s Dinner cookbook. Oven roasted Brussels sprouts and shiitake mushrooms, pan-fried tofu, quickly pickled carrots, cilantro, toasted sesame seed and a really nice and “potent” vinaigrette made from oil, rice vinegar, white miso, garlic, lime zest and juice, honey and plenty of ginger (which gave it a nice kick). Served over quinoa.


i agree. good to string some extra healthy meals together. mandarins for dessert tonite. seedless citrus gives me a boost in january too.

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That looks really good

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In case anyone is interested in having a say (and participating) in February’s Cookbook of the Month, nominations are underway even as this month’s Mexican books are going strong!

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Perishables clean-out meal before a 4-night trip to DC. Vietnamese-adjacent noodle salad (except with Japanese somen noodles — I’m out of rice noodles — and they were a suitable substitute) with lots of lettuces; sliced-up cocktail tomatoes (or whatever that variety is called); Serrano and habanero peppers; a showering of mint, cilantro, scallions, and flat-leaf parsley; a fish sauce- and lime-based dressing; and topped with a variety of non-meat proteins (Beyond Burger and Quorn patties).



I have some beef liver in the freezer that I’ve been making my way through. I’ve been adding it to stirfries lately instead of beef since I’m getting tired of liver and onions :slight_smile: Liver is remarkably adaptable.

If you like indian flavors, liver and onion with basic masala (onions, ginger, garlic, garam masala) is really good for a twist.


That sounds really good! I have some garam masala in the pantry so I should add some the next time I make liver. And learning to make Indian food is on my bucket list for this year.