What's For Dinner #89 - the Dawn of a New Year Edition - January 2023

Since I didn’t have to cook tonight I whipped up a quick first course of torn burrata with basil / za’atar olive oil, aleppo, and lemon zest.

My PIC made this wonderful, definitely repeat-worthy Armenian lamb & bean dish

More of his fabulous pistachio ice cream with toasted pistachios and pistachio paste for dessert later. Much, much later 🥴


Shrimp & lobster Newburg, with mash.


Dinner tonight was Malvani Fish Curry, which falls under the purview of our Cuisine of the Quarter, Maharashtrian. So I wrote up the details of its making as part of that thread.
This was wonderful and warming, well spiced but not hot. We had it with rice and a cucumber and radish salad.


My first ‘from the depths of the freezer’ meal was a modified Singapore style mai fun made with: 5 large frozen shrimp, 1/4 frozen cooked chicken breast, about a quart of frozen vegetable stock, a handful of frozen snow peas and assorted fresh ingredients on hand. Bit by bit, I’ll get it cleared out in time for restocking with summer produce. No picture. It was good, very good.


Roasted Hungarian sausages. Potato gratin. Some fresh-picked broccolini from our winter garden.


I can never seem to keep up with WFD, but here’s tonight.

Serious Eats easy roasted chicken breast with rosemary, shallot, and lemon sauce, garlicky greens (thank you @tzigane, for inspiration), and Food and Wine for the recipe . I used kale and added beet greens at the end. Also pigeon peas and rice.


Tonight’s dinner was a “throw together” meal. I had a pound of ground beef (that had been in the freezer long enough) and needed to be used. So, I browned it with some onions, mixed it with mashed potatoes and topped it with some gravy and chopped broccoli. Not my best dish, but it was a hot meal. None the less, Sunshine and I enjoyed it and are content for the evening.


Parsnips roasted in some chicken fat… struggling to think things I enjoy more than that.


Have you tried roasting them in duck fat? I love potatoes in duck fat.


Basic! Hake prepared like skate, with brown butter and capers. (Over) creamed spinach and mushrooms.


Thanks for the suggestion to use a potato ricer. I tried it on some previously frozen zucchini this morning (always a soggy mess, no matter how hard I wring it before freezing) - worked great! Quick and easy.


Anything roasted in duck fat.


I use that method to dry potatoes out for latkes.

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Homemade pizza for dinner tonight.

Used half ww (superfine - chapati flour) and half white flour, and the NYT Roberta’s recipe. The dough was very supple as the recipe tends to yield, but the ww affected the outcome vs my last experience.

Either that or no superhot oven and baking steel / pizza stone :joy:

Still, pretty good results. I used the skillet-broiler method with a carbon steel crepe pan as the skillet, and that worked quite well.

Also made an inverted potato pizza, but in retrospect given that I’m not used to the countertop oven, I should probably have gone the regular route. Still, good and different.

Simple homemade tomato sauce, barely cooked, was really good (my mom’s sauce is superb).

Toppings were mushrooms, red onions (both lightly sautéed first), and some chopped ham for dad, and thinly sliced potatoes and onions for the inverted one.

I’ve still got some dough left after making a couple of extra “snacking” pizzas, so maybe I’ll try a focaccia tomorrow.


The photo is droolworthy


Salmon tacos. I lightly marinated some salmon in a mix of olive oil, cumin, oregano and fresh orange, lemon and lime juices. I just barely seared the salmon so that it was very rare - our favorite way to eat it. The tacos were topped with a roasted tomato salsa, leftover Peruvian green sauce, and some crispy salmon skin I was able scrape up off the pan. There was a purple Nappa slaw with pineapple and cilantro on the side.


I made chicken chili tonight, eaten with considerably more tortilla chips :laughing:


Tonight I had stirfried liver with onion, green pepper and tomato seasoned with hot smoked paprika. Served over egg noodles with grana padano.


1/2 recipe of Burmese Goat Curry, rice noodles, white beans with apricot, raisins & curry based on Ravi’s curry apricot lentil soup, roasted tomatoes, and a sliver of panettone for dessert.


I love liver. Never thought to stir-fry it!